Ludwig to Donate ‘Subathon’ Streams Final Day Earnings to Charity

Ludwig to Donate ‘Subathon’ Streams Final Day Earnings to Charity

Ludwig announced on Saturday that the final day earnings of his record-breaking ‘Subathon’ stream will be going to charity in an attempt to take the number one spot for the most subscribed Twitch streamer, He currently trails by less than 18,000(According to The Final day being the 13th of April, at 9pm PST.

Ludwig Ahgren, Who goes by the streaming name Ludwig, has been streaming for nearly a whole month straight, with his total days streamed currently just shy of 29 days.

What is a Subathon?

a ‘subathon’ is usually something that smaller twitch streamers do, with each sub adding 20 minutes onto the time that a streamer has to remain streaming for. Ludwig decided that, due to ‘subathons’ being unheard of among the top of the Twitch Hierarchy, that he will give it a go, Making a rule that for every twitch sub he receives, the twitch stream will remain online for an additional 10 seconds. This is displayed as a little rocket ship count-down timer on his stream, that gets increased whenever someone donates.

Ludwig Subathon Charity
Ludwig Sleeps on stream as his mod’s host their nightly ‘modcast’

In an attempt to reach his subscriber milestone of 270k subscribers, and in the process of beating current record holder Ninja, Ludwig has announced that on the final day of his subathon stream he will be giving $5 from every donation to St Jude and Humane Society.

How to link your Prime Account to your Twitch Account And Subscribe Using Twitch Prime.

Whether you wanted to help support Ludwig reach his goal of 270k subs in a month, or you are just interested in doing your part for charity, you can do so by using your amazon prime account to subscribe to his stream, at no additional cost to yourself. (outside of the amazon prime subscription anyway)

  1. Gather your Amazon Prime accounts login details.
  2. Create a Twitch account by clicking this link
  3. Click here to go to the Prime gaming page and link your Prime account With your twitch one.
  4. Head on over to Ludwigs Stream
  5. Hit Subscribe
Ludwig Twitch Prime

6. Press to subscribe with Twitch Prime

OTT Explains: What Is Twitch Prime?

7. Voila, $5 to charity at no extra cost!

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