Konami’s Skelattack advertising pulled from Social Media

Konami’s Skelattack advertising pulled from Social Media

Konami have quietly released a new title today in the form of Skelattack.

That in itself should be great news. Developed by Ukaza, a little known Indie team, the 2D side scroller is full of combat and action. Great news for them that a once great team in Konami have taken them under their wings to publish.

In all honesty, Konami are not the best loved team in the gaming world. Belittled by many for drastically cutting down the number of games it develops. That’s before we even get into the whole Hideo Kojima farce that they pulled during the development of Silent Hill’s.

If you want to get your hands on this cute looking game, it is on sale on the PlayStation Store for £15.99/$19.99. You probably haven’t even heard of it as it has snuck in under the radar. I personally didn’t see any advertising for the game until earlier today; and thats where the real issues start.

Shock tactics?

I am sure that everyone is aware of what has happened in America with George Floyd and the aftermath of events. I refuse to go into it as this is a gaming site, not a world news site. The gaming world are showing solidarity at this time. Sony have delayed their PlayStation 5 reveal indefinitely and a lot of other companies are using the same basic images of text. All saying that at this moment there are more pressing issues in the world and other voices need to be heard.

Well, it seems that Konami decided to use that to advertise the release of Skelattack. They took to Twitter to share the following image earlier today.

That was soon removed after the backlash they got and changed it for the following image.

Again, that was soon removed (possibly due to the spelling error).

Konami to the world, “Hey everyone, we apparently care about what’s going on in the world but check out this new title we are releasing”. Something tells me that the PR department could follow the fate of Hideo Kojima after this.

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