Introducing ‘Playpulse ONE ‘ – The World’s First Exercise Bike Games Console!

Introducing ‘Playpulse ONE ‘ – The World’s First Exercise Bike Games Console!

Today, 13th of April 2021, Playpulse ONE is being introduced into the world of gaming. Boasted as the world’s very first combination of exercise bike, video game console, and entertainment system that strives to make working out more fun. Playpulse ONE looks to mix the immersion of video games and the magic of entertainment into a best-in-class exercise bike containing powerful software technology that engages gamers and non-gamers alike. The launch is expected to be close to Christmas of 2021 and will have a RRP of $1,999 (£1,455). Though they will be celebrating its launch with a limited-time price of $1199(£873). It can be pre-ordered by clicking this link.


What is Playpulse ONE?

Playpulse ONE will include high-precision pedal sensors, console-like controllers, heart rate sensors built into the handlebars and a 24” multitouch display with a dedicated graphics card for fully immersive gaming and exercise experiences.

We designed Playpulse ONE with a singular goal in mind, making fitness fun for anyone by combining the best of fitness with the best of virtual entertainment. Playpulse ONE offers an exceptional balance of fitness hardware and software with gaming that immerses the user into a new type of fitness experience. 

Developers at Playpulse ONE

Playpulse ONE offers a rich library of video games, entertainment, and fitness content, all of which tailormade to focus on a gamified experience. Stream your favorite Netflix or Amazon movies/TV shows, but make sure you keep up the pace, or the screen goes dark! (you can toggle off the gamification and enjoy your entertainment at your own pace). Or experience a high-intensity Interval workout using its inbuilt exercise app Playpulse Studio.

Playpulse ONE Games

At launch, Playpulse ONE will ship with four games made with Unity 3D with many new games and experiences currently in development. In the future, Playpulse will open its platform with an SDK for third-party developers and the gaming community to create new and exciting experiences.


Capture the flag and win the war in this epic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Pick your weapon of choice from nine different tank classes, each with different stats and abilities.  Then use the strength of your tank and cooperate with your teammates to beat the opposing team!

Playpulse One Games


What do you get when you put Bumper Cars in space? An epic arcade game. Bump your way to victory by knocking your opponents off the track. Watch out though, they get smarter every minute, and are constantly finding new ways to attack. How long can you outsmart them?

Heat Street

Heat Street is an online multiplayer (with a single-player mode) racing game. Each player controls one character and races to be the first to cross the finish line. Each character has a vehicle with unique statistics and power-ups. Navigate colorful worlds, wisely use power-ups to gain a tactical advantage, and find the best shortcuts to beat the opponents. Be careful though, if you push your vehicle too hard it might just overheat, and you are (temporarily) out of the race.


a roguelite runner. Explore alien worlds with Helios, your trusted old spaceship. Collect valuable resources and upgrades as you pilot your craft across planets. Find the best paths and watch out for obstacles as you work your way through the different segments of your planetary exploration. Sure, Helios is a rugged ship, but there’s a limit to the beating it can take. Hit too many obstacles and you’ll have to start over. 

Playpulse ONE Multiplayer

Playpulse ONE will include multiplayer from the get-go. Whether it’s playing online against randoms or playing in a party with friends, There is something for everyone. This opens many doors for fitness clubs, gyms and even schools to take advantage of!

What is Playpulse one?

Gamepulse One Gamification

Streaming Gamification

Optional features integrated with the streaming service of your choice. Have the screen go blurry or dark if you are not maintaining the exercise goal you’ve set for the episode!

Platform Exercise Goals

In the Playpulse client you can create customized personal goals for whatever you want to achieve (on the Platform). Exercise 4 days a week for a month? Bike the equivalent of Route 66, or London to Paris? Hit level 20 in Pedaltanks? Unlock all characters in Heat Street? Create your own goals and monitor your progress in our client!

Playpulse Studio

The Playpulse Studio exercise app for the people who just want to get the workout done. Choose between different workouts and let Playpulse guide your workout. automatically adjusting the resistance and showing you what speed to aim for. Can be overlaid on a streaming service if you want some entertainment simultaneously. 

It can be pre-ordered by clicking this link.

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