Harvest Moon: One World Announced for 2020 Switch release

Harvest Moon One World

Natsume Inc., developer of the Household title Harvest Moon series, Today announced the latest installment to the Harvest Moon video game series. It will be published by their long standing partners, Rising Star Games. ‘Harvest Moon: One World‘ Will Launch later this year.

Press release

Fledgling farmers will explore an entire world full of new and familiar faces, unique villages, and adventurous challenges while managing their growing farm. The new title is being developed with an all-new engine and graphics.

“Harvest Moon: One World features a brand-new way of exploring Harvest Moon that seasoned players and new generations will both enjoy. Over the decades, Harvest Moon has evolved but has always retained the traditional, family-friendly farming fun that the franchise is known for. The new engine and new graphics will upgrade this experience for 2020. We are so excited to share more about the features of Harvest Moon: One World in the coming months.”

Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Harvest Moon developer Natsume.

Can you imagine a world without tomatoes, strawberries, or even cabbage? In the latest entry in the Harvest Moon series, that’s the situation players will find themselves in. Only an old book gives hints of what once was… Buoyed by a mysterious discovery, players will find themselves setting out on an adventure that spans not only their hometown but the whole world! What kind of people and places await? From the gorgeous beaches of Halo Halo to the snowy mountains of Salmiakki, there’s literally an entire world to explore.

“Rising Star Games has been partnering with Natsume for nearly two decades.” said Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Thunderful Publishing and Rising Star Games. “Harvest Moon is the very series that started the farming genre, always innovating and bringing fresh ideas whilst attracting new players. With the invaluable support of Nintendo of Europe, we will continue to carry the torch of this successful series into 2020 and beyond for Pan-European regions with the release of Harvest Moon: One World for Nintendo Switch.”


It would appear that this installment of Harvest moon is going to focus heavily on exploration and discovery. With Crops seemingly going to be initially locked. Thus resulting in the player having to venture the world. Attempting to find every possible crop variant available. Something that is sure to be a pleasing focus for everybody.

With the discovery side of the game being the most talked about thing. We have to just wait and see if Natsume Inc. Keeps in mind Harvest moons roots. ensuring there is no dip in quality to the farming aspect of the game. Not leading the franchise into something foreign of its own design.

Natsume Inc. Have a great track record of delivering great games. So if there is anyone who can deliver a well balanced Exploration, farming simulator, RPG. Incorporating all this into Harvest Moon: One World. It would be them.

What is Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon is a Farming Simulator RPG game series. First released in North America in 1997. Much like Animal Crossing, It is a feel good game that is Family Friendly. There have been over 31 Harvest Moon Games over the years!

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