Counter Terrorist Agency New Gameplay

Counter Terrorist Agency New Gameplay

Prevent terrorism and arrest suspects in Counter Terrorist Agency – a unique fusion of RTS, sim, and resource management game. Watch the new gameplay trailer.

Invigilate people to prevent terrorism, gather information, interrogate suspects, search for important members of terrorist networks, eliminate threats, and prevent devastating attacks. Decide who should be spied on and who should be neutralized – will you imprison only the guilty ones? Follow the suspects to get to the root of their organizations, but don’t let them execute their terror actions. Listen, read, search, analyze, take risks, make difficult decisions, and remember that even a single mistake can have disastrous effects. Know only that you will often ask yourself one important question: Are my actions righteous?

join the department to help raise the level of protection offered to all citizens.

To keep up with all the news and secrets directed to agents only, add the game to your wishlist on Steam (


Counter Terrorist Agency is a real-time strategy game mixed with tycoon and simulation gameplay elements. The game’s focus is put on managing the organization and preventing attacks all over the world using modern invigilation techniques. Infiltrate suspicious groups, listen to shady phone calls, and read confidential emails – will you be able to put all the puzzles together and make a fair judgment of the situation? Remember that any bad decision can cost hundreds of lives. Use whatever means necessary to stop various terrorist groups around the world – from religious fundamentalists and far-right activists to destructive cults and narco-terrorists. Gather intel and use it for good, explore new possibilities, and let your Agency grow in power for better performance in the upcoming operations.


  • Listen, read, and analyze suspicious conversations – remember though, not everyone will let you invigilate them. Upgrade your abilities to track down even the most sophisticated suspects.
  • Manage the entire organization – just be aware that with power comes responsibility, and the reputation of the Agency depends on you.
  • Plan and control units’ actions around the globe – you need to show a good sense of quick calculation. Which person is the most dangerous? Which one to capture first?
  • Think quick and be ready to make difficult moral choices. What – or more importantly, who – will you sacrifice to get to the sensitive data of terrorist organizations?

Counter Terrorist Agency is currently under development with the release date to be announced at a later time.

More information about the game can be found on the game’s Steam pageFacebookofficial website, and developer’s Twitter profiles.

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