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XR Games to give away 500 copies of Angry Birds Under Pressure VR

It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote my review for Angry Birds on the PSVR. The fun I had with the game was (and still is) brilliant.

I have just been informed by Bobby Thandi, Head of XR Game Studios, that after receiving yet another award for the game, this time a Northern Tech Award they now plan to give away 500 copies.

To help celebrate this award we’re giving away 500x free copies of our Angry Birds Under Pressure VR game for the PlayStation VR console.

Bobby Thandi

Bobby went on to say;

Since families are still facing varying degrees of lockdown measures across the world, we’d like to do our bit to help. And if your kids are like mine, they’ll start to suffer from ‘cabin fever’ if they spend more than 1x day cooped up at home! They’re used to a hectic schedule of school, clubs, extra-curricular activities on weekends, as well as visits to grandparents, family, and friends. With all this thrown out of the window for the foreseeable future, it will inevitably lead to some fraught and tense family moments at home.

However, we believe life is best spent laughing and having fun with your family (and friends when we’re coronavirus free). And through an act of kindness XR Games would like to help families do this. How you might think? Well, we’d like to give away 500x free copies of Angry Birds Under Pressure VR. Our PlayStation exclusive game which has received critical reviews and accolades for making families laugh and have fun.

Families having fun together was my main objective with this game. Reason being I was at home and noted my wife playing Candy Crush on her iPhone, my eldest daughter playing Fortnite on her Nintendo Switch and my youngest daughter watching YouTube Kids on her iPad, while I’m doing work emails on my iPhone.

And I thought to myself – technology is contributing to people becoming isolated from one another, even when they’re in the same room. In other words, people are ‘alone-together’. This is nuts. And that’s where my vision for XR Games was born – I want to create a future where families and friends relish the time they spend together, laughing and having fun as part of a shared experience, whether that’s in the same room or connected online.

Also, it’s a co-operative game meaning all the players work towards the same goal. Reason being I find games that pit folks against each other means the winner is happy and the loser is sad. Instead, XR Games exists to make fun experiences that bring people together.

I hope you request a free copy and are able to share some laughs with your loved ones.

My very best,


Founder + CEO, XR Games

In times like the ones we are currently facing the sheer generosity of the entire gaming world is coming to the forefront for everyone to see. It is great to see a local (to me anyway) development team also helping the gamers out.

How do you get your hands on a copy I hear you ask. Its simple. Request your free copy from here: (limited to the first 500x entries)


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