Arcade Paradise – New DLC announced

Arcade Paradise – Remember the review that we did for Arcade Paradise? Of course, you do. Well, good news for all the fans of the classic arcade experience. There is some new DLC being added TODAY!! A New Challenger Has Appeared – Arcade Paradise Expands with Three New Cabinets DLC and Official Soundtrack Release Available  Today! Prepare to shoot, dance, climb (and continue chasing hi...[Read More]



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The Chant PS5 Review – Is everything exactly what it seems within a remote island retreat?

The Chant PS5 Review – After the death of her sister, Jess visits her childhood friend on a seemingly peaceful island that’s basking in sunlight. Home to a spiritual retreat ran by Tyler, she soon realises that it might have been better to stay at home. On the surface, The Chant ticks all the boxes of a story based on a cult longing for enlightenment, but there’re some neat ideas that are ex...[Read More]



Winter Games 2023 PS5 Review – Will you fall face first on the slopes or rise to glory?

Winter Games 2023 PS5 Review – Its that time again for another attempt at capturing the thrills and excitement of the Winter Games on console and if I am being honest, so far no one has really managed to pull it off with any true conviction. The last attempt featured Mario and Sonic which I avoided like the plague. Is it too much to ask for something I can really get stuck in to and feel som...[Read More]



Dakar Desert Rally PS5 Review – are you ready to get sand where you never thought possible?

Dakar Desert Rally PS5 Review – It’s a whole 4 years since Dakar 18 and to me it seems a lifetime ago that I played and reviewed for the PS4. Looking back at that time I did enjoy the game, but it could have been so much more. 4 years on and enter Saber Interactive to the ring to try their hands at the extreme desert rally. Dakar Desert Rally PS5 Review – A little history Formerl...[Read More]

Hit the slopes in Winter Games 2023 when it launches 13 October for PC and consoles

Today German games publisher, Wild River Games, announces the worldwide release of  Winter Games 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4® and PlayStation 5®, Xbox®, and Nintendo Switch™ on 13 October 2022. Developed by Independent Arts based in Hamm, Germany and published by Wild River Games, Winter Sports 2023 offers players a wonderland of winter sports and activities. Players will be able&nbs...[Read More]



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Construction Simulator PS5 review – Are Astragon Entertainment just digging a hole for themselves?

Construction Simulator PS5 Review – Those of us of a certain age will certainly remember as a child owning at least one Tonka Truck. Myself, I was lucky enough to have a few and spent a lot of my childhood in the garden digging it up to the annoyance of my parents. They were the best thing ever! That coupled with being able to help my dad who was very hands on with home improvement meant tha...[Read More]



Train Sim World 3 PS5 Review – Can Dovetail Games get to the Station on time?

Train Sim World 3 PS5 Review – I have always been a fan of these games by Dovetail Games owning the first two releases myself. With that in mind, I had a good idea of what to expect from the latest release. It has been a year since the release of Train Sim World 2 on the PS5 so the news that the third instalment of the series was on its way was both a shock and at the same time rather exciti...[Read More]


Tales From the Borderlands Gameplay Today, during the Gearbox Showcase at PAX West, 2K and Gearbox Software unveiled a first look at extended gameplay for New Tales from the Borderlands, a standalone, choice-based interactive narrative adventure set in the Borderlands universe. An exciting character trailer also accompanied the unveil, providing a deepe...[Read More]



Saints Row PS5 Review – Is this badass reboot good enough to make a comeback?

Saints Row PS5 Review – It seems like an age since we had a new Saints Row title. Believe it or not, it has been 9 years now since Saints Row 4. That wasn’t one of my favourite titles if I’m honest. I think they took it too far with the entire alien invasion thing. Saints Row is a reboot of the series with new characters, a new story and an entirely new setting. Welcome to Santo ...[Read More]



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Way of the Hunter PS5 Review – Will this simulator shoot straight to the top of the charts with its rich scenery?

Way of the Hunter PS5 Review – Hunting simulators are relatively few and far between, probably because the snowflakes out there are unable to determine the difference between a game and reality. Yes, I don’t agree with hunting in the real world however as far as a game I find them enjoyable and a great way to pass a few hours. Way of the Hunter PS5 Review – A story-based game? Be...[Read More]

Death Stranding journeys on to Game Pass for PC

Death Stranding journeys on to Game Pass for PC – Anyone remember Death Stranding? Of course, you do. Well, Global publisher 505 Games in partnership with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, today announce the upcoming  arrival of DEATH STRANDING on Game Pass for PC. The original version&n...[Read More]



Thymesia PS5 Review – Are Souls Like Games Still Fun?

Thymesia PS5 Review – Thymesia is a souls-like game that see’s you play as Corvus, a reincarnated warrior with amnesia. Though unsure of your standing in the world, you are guided by a spectral visage that tasks you with uncovering the secrets of “Vile Blood” and “Pure Blood”. It will certainly appeal to those of you that like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Thymesia...[Read More]

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