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Hexarchy Review –

As most will know, when it comes to 4X strategy games you have to take your time with them. Fans of Civilization will be all too aware of this, being used to the hours and days lost playing. Personally, I have never really been a fan of these games although I have tried to get into them over and over. Hexarchy from Main Tank Software is a lovely change from the norm. What if you could take all of the annoying time consumption and somehow streamline it? Here, you can.

Hexarchy Review – Release Trailer

Hexarchy Review – Streamlining

Hexarchy Review
Hexarchy Review

Getting into the game the overall look will be all too familiar with everyone. Maps made up of hexes yet they are smaller than the norm bunching up the map with different civilisations. The hexes all have different resources and defence ratings. Depending on which technologies you have will depend on how you can exploit those resources.

You play by using cards to make your moves. Obviously, the first card you will use will establish your capital city. From there on, more possibilities open up from drawing cards to scout the land to establishing more cities.

Hexarchy Review – The Decks

The Decks of cards are filled with lots of different card types as you would expect, technology, wonders, civics, buildings, and military units. Use a technology card and it will add more cards to your deck, other cards provide boosts as well as determining how your government runs. Luckily, when you build there is no waiting around for this to happen, everything is immediate cutting down so much waiting time from other games.

Hexarchy Review

At the start of each turn, you are given a set number of hammers. These are your currency to playing cards, the better you are doing, the more hammers you get. On top of the hammers, some cards will require the use of gold. The key to success here is the management of using your deck, easier said than done at times. Having too many cards in your deck can make it harder to use specific cards for certain turns. You can always get rid of cards in exchange for more hammers and then buy new with gold.

Hexarchy Review – The World

Thank goodness there is no sitting down with foreign powers around the table here. Hexarchy is a world of war and military strategy is the main key here. The idea is not to just throw more and more military units into the world however, it is important to send a few out strategically and level these units up through research. OK, the AI civilisations seem to level up a lot faster than you, but it adds to the difficulty.

Hexarchy Review

You start with basic warriors and the more technology you unlock the more you can upgrade them. Swordsmen, catapults and gunmen are just a few of the upgrades available.

Hexarchy Review – Summary

Whilst the game does look good, you can sometimes struggle to see the hexes and what they hold properly. Luckily the game is easy to navigate and get to grips with even for a relative novice like me. Unfortunately, these games are still not for me, yet I did enjoy what I played here. I just can’t see myself sinking hours into this game even though each game played takes about an hour rather than much longer with other games of this type.

I know that this game will be hit to those people who enjoy the games like Civilization and can see it doing well on Steam sales. I would recommend it to others its just not for me.

Hexarchy takes a bold step by blending 4X strategy with deckbuilding, but it works well to create a fun tactical game to enjoy in short bursts. Do not expect tons of depth when it comes to diplomacy or a slow burn, but if you want to enjoy a quick tactical game then Hexarchy is for you.



Story - 6
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 9
Sound - 8

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