REVIEW: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Starting a new school is never easy, especially when it’s one plagued by rumours of violent murders and vengeful spirits. Unfortunately for Hee-Min Lee, it takes less than two days before Yeondu High School’s newest student finds himself trapped inside the building overnight – and thrown face-to-face with the malevolent spirits roaming the corridors.

The Broken Paragon by Jonny Lupsha

We take a look at some gaming literature, The Broken Paragon by Jonny Lupsha

INTERVIEW: Shaun Jooste, the man who is ready to take on the world

It was a complete honour and privilege to finally get to sit down with fellow AIR Entertainment writer, not to mention very close friend Shaun M Jooste. It’s been hard to pin him down for a few hours during his hectic schedule at the moment, but I needed to dig further and deeper than anyone has before. Obviously writing is your passion and what you have chosen to do, what is it that got you...[Read More]

REVIEW: Aven Colony by Mothership Entertainment

I was lucky enough to be given a free code for the sole purpose of reviewing Aven Colony by Mothership Entertainment, but I have really struggled to actually get round to writing anything as I have been addicted from the instant I installed the game on my PS4. From the loading screen, I knew I was on to a winner. It has been published by the mighty Team17 who are based just round the corner from m...[Read More]

REVIEW: The Long Dark by Hinterland Studio

We take a look at the survival horror game #TheLongDark by @HinterlandGames

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