Saints Row PS5 Review – Is this badass reboot good enough to make a comeback?

Saints Row PS5 Review – It seems like an age since we had a new Saints Row title. Believe it or not, it has been 9 years now since Saints Row 4. That wasn’t one of my favourite titles if I’m honest. I think they took it too far with the entire alien invasion thing. Saints Row is a reboot of the series with new characters, a new story and an entirely new setting. Welcome to Santo ...[Read More]



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Way of the Hunter PS5 Review – Will this simulator shoot straight to the top of the charts with its rich scenery?

Way of the Hunter PS5 Review – Hunting simulators are relatively few and far between, probably because the snowflakes out there are unable to determine the difference between a game and reality. Yes, I don’t agree with hunting in the real world however as far as a game I find them enjoyable and a great way to pass a few hours. Way of the Hunter PS5 Review – A story-based game? Be...[Read More]

Death Stranding journeys on to Game Pass for PC

Death Stranding journeys on to Game Pass for PC – Anyone remember Death Stranding? Of course, you do. Well, Global publisher 505 Games in partnership with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, today announce the upcoming  arrival of DEATH STRANDING on Game Pass for PC. The original version&n...[Read More]



Thymesia PS5 Review – Are Souls Like Games Still Fun?

Thymesia PS5 Review – Thymesia is a souls-like game that see’s you play as Corvus, a reincarnated warrior with amnesia. Though unsure of your standing in the world, you are guided by a spectral visage that tasks you with uncovering the secrets of “Vile Blood” and “Pure Blood”. It will certainly appeal to those of you that like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Thymesia...[Read More]



Formula 1 22 F1 22 PS5 Review – Have EA Sports and Codemasters finally combined to make the perfect game?

Another year, another F1 release. Some of you will sigh and some like me will be excited to see what Codemasters can bring us especially as this year has seen some of the biggest changes Formula 1 has seen in a very long time. F1 22 PS5 Review – Updated History As older readers here at AIR Entertainment will know, I have played the Formula 1 games from Codemasters for many years now and this...[Read More]

F1 2021 PlayStation 5 Review – Can this challenge to be a championship contender?

F1 2021 PlayStation 5 Review – Can this be a championship contender? – Here we are, another year and another Formula 1 title release. If you have kept up to date with my reviews over the years you will all know that this is one title I look forward to playing and reviewing. The general rule of thumb when it comes to annual releases of sports games is that they get better year on year, ...[Read More]

Ride 4 PS4 Pro Review – Is it a fun game or not?

Ride 4 PS4 Pro Review: Milestone Games have now become synonymous with Motorcycle Racing games in one form or another, whether that be on the race track or on a dirt track. Their list of games over the last few years now includes the likes of Monster Energy Supercross, MXGP and MotoGP. It is also safe to say that on the whole, their track record in this field has been pretty good but not solid. Al...[Read More]

SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated PS4 Review – Can it challenge both Adult and Child fans alike?

SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated PS4 Review: Sometimes its good to rewind time and jump in to an old game that has been around before. I often boot up classic games and sit and chill out on my old consoles. There was always a reason that I kept all of my PlayStations. Not just because I’m a collector and refuse to get rid of them, but also because I like to go back t...[Read More]

Wasteland 3 PS4 Pro Review – Is the post-apocalyptic world worth killing for?

Wasteland 3 PS4 Pro Review: Here at AIR Entertainment we strive upon our honesty when it comes to reviewing games. So with that said I will hold my hand up and admit that until recently I had never heard of the Wasteland games. When I did research the game my initial thought was that it was surely going to be a Fallout rip-off. Doing my research I feel like an idiot. I found out that Wasteland has...[Read More]

Project CARS 3 PS4 Pro Review – Is it a good authentic racer or a complete mess?

Is it a good authentic racer or a complete mess?

WRC 9 PS4 Pro Review – Is the off-road rallying frenzy any good?

Is the off-road rallying frenzy any good?

NBA 2K21 PS4 Pro Review – Is it any good? Or is the greed of microtransactions taking over?

NBA 2K21 PS4 Pro review: NBA 2K21 has been released in its yearly fashion from 2K Games, but is it that much of an improvement over last years title for it to jump above and slam the ball through the hoop for the fans? The problem with annual releases is that it is hard to make a vast amount of improvements over your last title for the game to stand out. Unfortunately this does feel like the case ...[Read More]

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