911 Operator

911 Operator

Developer Jutsu Games

Gameplay Trailer on youtube.


– Over 50 different voiceovered dialogs based on true events:­ sometimes serious and dramatic, sometimes funny or irritating
– Real First Aid Instructions and procedures
– Option to download and play on ANY REAL CITY in the world!
– 6 carefully prepared cities in campaign mode with specific events.


– Over 140 types of generated reports
– 12 types of emergency vehicles, including helicopters, vans, trucks and motorbikes
– Easily extendable by new dialogs

Released Feb 24, 2017: This is a purchased title through steam.

911 Operator puts in you the seat of emergency services dispatch. Your job is to answer and resolve calls. You have to help people with medical or advice and dispatch the correct number teams to each location. At the end of every shift you have the ability to purchase more units and make upgrades or changes. You have a budget to work with and it goes up based on your performance. You need every penny though. To Build, add new, replace teams and get new equipment.

This game has its moments and often times when calls come in, you have to work with extremely limited resources or the teams are just too far away. This pressure rarely lets up during your shift. This game has moments where things feel too difficult but more on that later. The general gameplay falls into repetitive. While I get a car crash is a car crash but the voiced lines are repetitive often the same voice with the same line with little variation . The general game play; is all you get a map with where your units are located and small hud that gives you some information but once you send teams in you have very little to do except sit and watch.

Others that talk about how difficult this game can be. I can’t agree with that in the least it seems well balanced for the type of game this is. That life is difficult and the only way a game like this can even get close is at least try and show that. Not everything a win and not everyone goes home. i get with limited resources you have to work with that this can push the difficulty up higher. In this game resources the balance between money, people , equipment and that much wanted or needed huge purchase takes time. Making things take time is not making a game difficult makes it more realistic.

I do wish this game had a more of an impact on a connection level. Even in terms of emotion the voice actor who answers the calls does deliver his lines and some of the you can hear frustration or even sadness in his voice tone but something is still missing and I am not sure I can answer what. Just feels this game walks up to the line and the steps back and goes in a different direction. .

There are other emergency services games that have been out for years. Do not buy this thinking you are getting some in depth 3D game. This isn’t those But, I enjoy the simplicity of this one.

I am only giving this game a 7.5 out of 10 I would recommend when you have cash to pick up this title on steam but not something I would rush out to get. Mostly because of the repetitive lines used in the game. It does carry a replayability at least for now. So it is something I will keep around on my computer a bit longer.

The Developer Jutsu Games has recently launched a Kickstater for the Game Rustler: Medieval Grand Theft .. Horse? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gameops/rustler-medieval-grand-theft-horse
And the sequal to 911 Operator Is 112 Operator https://store.steampowered.com/app/793460/112_Operator/

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