Unbox: Newbies Adventure review – Nintendo Switch

Unbox: Newbies Adventure review – Nintendo Switch

Unbox: Newbies Adventure takes a unique concept of playing as a box, and opens it out in a way you might not expect. If someone handed you a game and said “the characters are all boxes” im positive you would be nonplussed by this idea. But giving sentience to inanimate objects is what videogames do best, and Unbox certainly fits into that category. Shipping you off to save the Global Post Service, Unbox follows the adventure of “Newbie” the newest box around as he bounces and stamps his way through the world to fix what is going wrong with the GPS. Someone get Royal Mail on the phone. 


What do you mean stop with the puns?

The game starts out by giving you the ability to customise your box however you want, so with it releasing in the month of October, I naturally went for the Halloween stylings and set myself off to play. The game really does package the platforming genre quite well and the story unfolds into something that will give you an appreciation for these box people who only want to ensure that the worlds post is delivered in a timely manner. As you travel through the areas of the world you can unlock further customisation options for yourself as well as collecting rolls of gold tape. Anyone who loves a good 100% completion rate might find a few sticky places when it comes to these gold tape rolls. 
Unbox does look like a really well-designed game but unfortunately suffers from what can only be described as blurry edges, almost like someone left the box out in the rain for a little too long. It can be frustrating at times as between bouncing around everywhere and rolling through the levels, it can leave a slight sense of disorientation after a while and personally I found it tough to look at the game for too long at once. There is also a matter of the loading times in Unbox, as they can feel incredibly tedious. Thankfully they are still quicker than an Amazon delivery but it does leave the game feeling slightly behind in terms of how well it performs. 

Really rocking the Halloween look…

Putting aside those issues though, Unbox does provide an enjoyable experience in terms of gameplay and once you get past the crazy jumping that you can achieve in certain situations, you can find yourself happily moving through the world and hopefully arriving in time to save the GPS. I would recommend this game if you enjoy platformers and adventure without a huge challenge, but also would suggest letting the devs work on the update for the game as well. I would rate this game as 6.5/10 and happily come back to it once there is a patch available for those little issues mentioned. 

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