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Space Haven Review is it a exciting new 4X title?

Developer and publisher : Bugbyte

 An early access game purchased on Steam. 

The Space Haven Story is that Earth is dying. Your crew is on a race to the stars to embark on your journey, charting your course into space becoming the Heros, Villains, and everything in between.

Images from BugByte

This is a game where your role is designing ships, bases, managing your resources and crew. Your crew have needs the ship environment helps with that. This includes the temperature , gasses, and how well they get along with crew mate.   Giving you the ability to travel different solar systems to explore and harvest more resources to expand your fleet of ships.  Facing other factions and pirates forcing you to trade, defend and raid.  Space Haven is on the verge of the 4X type of game play. .

Images from BugByte


Space Haven itself reminds me of retro XCOM titles,FTL, Rimworld, and Oxygen Not Included  as well as some other management base building games

How you start your game is by picking the style of game, the difficulty, and even customizing how everything will start for you.  Picking your crew with the desired skill sets. The menu allows some alterations to your starting setup. In an isometric game style you have one viewpoint and one level to build everything. However this limitation is minor as you can have different ships supporting different functions.

You start your game with a quick tutorial helping you build the first ship you will use. The trick here is to stick with exactly what it wants you to do as you quickly run out of resources trying to get creative.   After which you mine and explore the empty ship and asteroids in your starting sector.  Then you’re ready to make your first jump and off into the game with only a few other minor things you have set up you can now go at your own pace. Well this is to a point as other factions are exploring and exploiting other derelict ships as well. 


Making your path at this point opens up your own role play story deciding to be the good guy or bad. Watching out for your crew and the needs of your ship. Hunting down pirates or even becoming one. Tackling each event letting you make your own decisions through your own actions.


Space Haven is this highly detailed top down isometric game with attention to all the details of everything that is in the game at this time. The team designing this game kept many things in theme with color and object design. Frome the details to the ship panels, flooring, interior walls, all the way to the engines and power generators.


At this time it becomes repetitive doing the same thing over and over with not much thought.  It is an Early access title and clearly Early. Trying not to make too many assumptions or judgments for early access games. This one though I hope succeeds and keeps expanding on the solid base of game play they have currently.  The developer seems engaged with the supports of the game which is always a good sign.

For more information check: http://bugbyte.fi/spacehaven/

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