Space Haven Review is it a exciting new 4X title?

Developer and publisher : Bugbyte  An early access game purchased on Steam.  The Space Haven Story is that Earth is dying. Your crew is on a race to the stars to embark on your journey, charting your course into space becoming the Heros, Villains, and everything in between. This is a game where your role is designing ships, bases, managing your resources and crew. Your crew have needs th...[Read More]

XCOM Chimera Squad.

XCOM Chimera Squad puts you in control of a special forces type police uint trying to investigate insurgents activity within City 31.


A Game by Deimos Interactive. Different spin on a trending game concept. We received a code for this game, Please see our review policy. We did reach out to Tyler Hankinson from Deimos Interactive during this review to ask a few questions. This is Tyler’s first game, developing it with input from his community with a full release target of End of 2020/start of ...[Read More]

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