Xbox Online Multiplayer to go free as Microsoft Look to Axe ‘Gold’ – According to sources

Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Online multiplayer service ‘Xbox Live Gold’ is predicted to remove the subscription cost to access it’s online services, opening up a potential fresh twist in the next-gen console war.

The rumour was born when people noticed that Microsoft had removed the option to pay yearly for its service. At first, people speculated that this was a bug that would soon be fixed. Though to this day Xbox live remains with only 2 possible extensions, The 1-month and the 3-month subscriptions. Here’s a rundown of everything we know.


Xbox Online Multiplayer Subscription Options

Xbox Live Gold has always been available for purchase in the form of; 1 month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. This changed recently when Microsoft removed the 6-month and 12-month extension options.

Xbox Online Multiplayer

This rumour was first shot down by people doubting Microsoft would axe the incredibly popular “Xbox Live Gold” service. With Microsoft themselves recently releasing Xbox Live figures – The Userbase hitting over 90 Million. Due to the earnings made through subscriptions, These people put this down to nothing more than a bug that would be promptly fixed.

Despite the doubters’ claims, this fix never came. Xbox live remains to this day available as a 1-month and 3-month package.

The Tweets

More fuel was then thrown onto the fire when Jeff Grubbs, journalist for Venture Beat stated in a tweet;

He then elaborated on it when asked by a curious fan;

It didn’t stop there, questions were coming left, right and center from players, excited at the prospect of gaming without a hit to their purse/wallet each month.

What are the origins of Xbox Live?

Xbox live was first introduced 17 years ago, November 15, 2002, Allowing gamers of the original Xbox to play online at the cost of a monthly subscription.

Microsoft was the first company to introduce a monthly subscription option to use its services. A business decision that would soon be mimicked by it’s close Sony and Nintendo Rivals.

Why Would Microsoft Consider Deleting the Subscription Cost?

It is no doubt that Microsoft would want to push another service to make up for the funds lost from the absence of Xbox Live Gold and we predict that, if the claims are true, Microsoft would start encouraging people to subscribe to the highly regarded Xbox Game Pass instead.

The reason behind this move would heavily be driven by the next-gen console war. With both the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 due for an imminent release – And with a big rivalry on the user count. Microsoft can drive people to their platform by pushing a service that far outperforms Sony’s own variant, Playstation Now.

This could be an expensive yet clever marketing tactic that could encourage fans to opt for the Series X instead of the Playstation 5, unless Sony was to follow suit in making its own Playstation Plus service also free. However, Xbox Game Pass far outshines the Playstation Now service. So this isn’t really something that Sony can fall back on.

That’s not to say this writes Sony off. With both platforms expected to make financial sacrifice over the coming months in order to drive people to their respective products. Sony could still respond to this by other means.

What is the Xbox Game Pass?

Halo Infinite on Steam

Xbox Game Pass is an optional subscription service, allowing for all Microsoft Studios video game titles to be available indefinitely for the user whilst that user is subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass service.

Series owned by Microsoft include but are not limited to:

  • Halo
  • Forza
  • Gears of War
  • Fable

With these AAA titles all being available at a monthly cost of $9.99/£7.99. It is no surprise as to why so many people are lured in by the service. The service also boasts hundreds of other third-party titles. Some available on rotation, others available permanently.


If these changes are implemented and the cost for Xbox online multiplayer is removed, It will be interesting to see how Sony will respond. And one can expect they will.

I would note that these are still only rumours. and all rumours should be taken with a pinch of salt. Though it does seem with all the evidence available that there is a huge possibility that these changes will be implemented over the coming months. With Microsoft opting to earn revenue in an area that Sony can’t compete.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments Below!

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