Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Gets A Specification Release

Microsoft Flight Simulator was originally announced at E3 last June with a teaser trailer, And now has released its required system specifications.

The teaser trailer looked beautiful and with recommended specifications being Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X or intel i7-9800X CPUs paired with high-end AMD Radeon VII and Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUs with at least 8GB of VRAM, 32GB of RAM, a 150GB SSD and a 50Mbps connection. we have no doubt the simulator will be impressive.

While this is good news for the flight simulator community we would like to remind you that there are scammers out there willing to take advantage of communities such as Jane Whittaker who took advantage of the FSX community and AvSim Community by pretending to be a real life pilot and running charities more information can be found at the links found below.

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