Game Preview – Skelattack

Game Preview – Skelattack
Up and coming game studio Ukuza Games have been hard at work on their current project Skelattack for quite some time now. As thing progress further into the  development, they have released an improved demo and new trailer to promote their soon to be released title. I sat down with the Skelattack demo to put it through it’s paces.
The characters are the first point of conversation here, because of this games major role reversal on the typical dungeon adventure you play as Skully, the skeleton defender of a dungeon who’s task it is to see off the disrespectful humans invading your beloved dungeon in search of riches. This already being a new take on a classic genre provides an instant point of interest. Add it to the simple yet effective humour from the characters in game and you have a great formula. Skully is a well written protagonist and with the help of sidekick Imber the bat, you are guaranteed lots of laughs along the way.
The gameplay works really nicely too in Skelattack. As the defender of the dungeon your task is to kill the humans with either your trusty sword and sharp wit, or with some assistance from Imber’s magical abilities. Ranging from healing to fireballs, you can be assured that Imber is more than just a comic relief, she’s a natural fighter too. Combat against the different types of humans works very effectively, from the sword fighters that you can just charge at and jump away from their swings, to fire wielding spellcasters that will reduce you to bone dust if you stand still for too long. They all die in a very nice animation too, which adds to the morbid wonder of this game.
I’m looking forward to seeing even more of the progress from Ukuza Games on Skelattack and hopefully for people who haven’t heard of this game until now – you will be interested in what lies beyond the mortal coil as you take up this loveable deathly duo.

Skelattack from Ukuza games will launch on January 19th 2018 for PC, Mac and Xbox One. The demo for this game can be found here and you can follow the progress on Twitter: @Skelattack. Thanks to the Ukuza games team for giving us access to their demo to write this preview.

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