Earth Atlantis – Nintendo Switch Review

Earth Atlantis – Nintendo Switch Review

Rising up out of the ocean of Nintendo Switch releases comes Earth Atlantis from Headup Games/Pixel Perfex, an underwater exploration adventure detailing a world where most of mankind has been wiped out and all the world’s great capitals are now at the bottom of the sea. This forms the basis for your exploration as a “Hunter” to visit the ruins of human civilization and fight off the terrible hybrids of machines and sea creatures. As a concept that is quite unique, this game is one to watch for any Nintendo Switch owner. 
The graphical style of Earth Atlantis is truly individual due to being hand drawn in the style of parchment sketches, which adds more depth to the idea of telling the story of the world post-destruction. The retro artwork gives the gameplay a really unique quality as it stands out from all of the other Nintendo Switch offerings. Right now, there are no other games where the artwork is purely sketch based. It really is a well thought out style and it fits this underwater game nicely. This artwork also makes the enemies stand out more in their own right by adding a creepier facet to the exploration.
On the subject of enemies, one of the objectives in Earth Atlantis is to search for frightful underwater monsters and destroy them. From the first level encountering a giant sea turtle, to later on where you face off with a Nautilus, these battles will certainly prove to be a challenge. These creatures rule the world beneath the waves and will sink you pretty quickly if you don’t master movement and shooting strategies quite early on. Upon further progression through the treacherous seas, you can unlock more playable ships each with a different weapon type, learning which is best suited for which enemy is important as you can give yourself an advantage. 
Earth Atlantis is a great newcomer in the tide of current Nintendo Switch releases and will easily attract players who appreciate hunting down huge enemies, players who love unique game art and of course, people who have a penchant for blowing things up as much as the game will allow. The game provides a strong challenge to all who dwell in its waters and above all else, really draws you in to its incredible story telling. If there was a drawback to this game, it would have to be that there is no option for a 2-player split screen which would really add to the arcade feeling that Earth Atlantis presents. Local co-op would be so well suited to Earth Atlantis but the game certainly doesn’t suffer without it. I would happily rate this game 8/10.
Earth Atlantis is available now on the Nintendo eShop for €14.99/£13.49/$14.99. In order to review this game I received a copy from a PR Representative. This had no impact on my opinion or writing.

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