Death Stranding.. Possible theories

Death Stranding.. Possible theories

Yesterday, Death Stranding received a brand new 8 minute long enigmatic trailer which I think took everyone by surprise, considering the fact that Hideo Kojima actually didn’t release another one of those cryptic teasers where fans would usually be left all high and dry asking for more.

Even though this new trailer reveals some rather juicy information about the game as well as a release date which I don’t think many of us were expecting. It also led to some interesting revelations about the game’s story about which we still know so little.

[wpvideo ISZ2hav7]

The baby everyone carries around is their own younger self:

OK, it may sound crazy but think about it. Everybody’s really careful with the baby. It’s as if if the baby dies the real self dies. Maybe it’s because of the baby there’s no game over screen in the game because the person can’t die until the fetus has been killed. What supports this revelation of mine is how Madd’s Mikkelsen’s character Cliff behaves at the beginning of the trailer. He seems to be talking to a baby. Presumably, his own younger self. This also explains the meaning of ‘strands’. People are connected to their past, their younger self via that baby. This also explains why Sam is wearing a dream catcher when drowning in the void. Because dream catchers are used to protect babies and here Sam wants to protect the baby so that he doesn’t die permanently.

The upside down world is Hades- The World War setting:

This is something which many people must have figured out. When Sam dies, he’s sucked into this world war era, it actually repesent hell or hades as mentioned in the trailer. Madds Mikkelsen’s other character (seems to be having a dual role in the game), the one found in the hades is probably the king of the upside down and can thus control the dead soldiers. He’s also somewhat stuck in hades as the trailer suggests. My guess is that most of the combat encounters will take place in this area of the game. And since ranged weapons seem to be fairly limited in this game, the encounters in here will be extremely tough and why players should avoid getting killed.

Every time you die and comeback, the baby needs to be recovered in something called “Activation Recovery System”:

This actually backs up my first statement as well. Five minutes into the trailer, the above shot comes up which indicates that Sam is healing/recovering the baby so that it can be used for future endveaours into the world of hades?

Oh, and for those that still dont know what the game is about..

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