Darwin Project's Second and Final Open Beta Test Available This Weekend!

Darwin Project's Second and Final Open Beta Test Available This Weekend!

Get your axes sharpened and nock a few arrows, because there’s another Darwin Project Open Beta coming this weekend! Following up on the success of January’s manhunting extravaganza which saw over 80,000 people join the game’s first Open Beta, Scavengers Studio are inviting the public to join them in the harsh climates of northern Canada once again.

That’s right boys and girls. Scavengers Studio is opening up a new beta for the exciting upcoming game, The Darwin Project. If you haven’t been following news on this game, Darwin Project is a competitive multiplayer third person survival experience featuring at its core a new gameplay innovation: the manhunt. You will be placed in extreme conditions, whether it is facing weather, overcoming traps or hunting down opponents. We are geared up on anticipation for this game and I personally hope to see a release of this on the PS4, even though it seems it will only be available on PC and Xbox One for now.
The developer has passed us some notes for the Beta that starts today.

Battle royale fans looking to get a taste of Darwin Project’s competitive action before diving in for themselves can look forward to a series of exciting show matches which will kick off the weekend festivities. Beginning at 2:00pm EST and running until the servers open at 3:00pm EST on Friday, a number of special guests will take to the world of streaming to dive into the action, as they get the blood boiling and the lava flowing.
In addition to giving players a chance to experience the tense manhunting action of Darwin Project, Open Beta participants can look forward trying out Spectator Interactions on Twitch (previously only available on Mixer), hosting Private Matches to settle any and all battle royale grudge matches, and testing out Show Director ratings, which will ensure Show Directors keep matches interesting and fair. Whether this is a player’s first experience with the game, or they’re returning for another stab (and chop) at snow-laden victory, there’s never been a better time to dive into Darwin Project!

Full patch notes can be read online here.
Darwin Project is slated to hit Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview in Q1 2018, but that doesn’t stop you from testing the second early access open beta, ONLY AVAILABLE THIS WEEKEND. The price of the game has not been released as yet, but please feel free to share your experience of the open beta with us. We would love to hear it.
For the latest updates, visit Scavengers Studio’s official website or follow them on FacebookTwitterDiscordReddit and Instagram.



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