Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Review – PS4

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Review – PS4

Developed by the Russian company, Sobaka Studio, Redeemer is a top down shooter/brawler. Initially it was released back in 2017 for Windows, but has just been given a new lease of life in the form of an enhanced edition which is now across all platforms. You take control of Vasily, a former elite operative living in a mountain monastery.

For me, the game is a return to some classic titles which I spent weeks playing in my younger years. I felt it had a lot of similarity to the Alien Breed series by Team 17 (which I wish they would remake in the same style as the Amiga games I played) but also reminded me to a certain extent of the original God of War games in style.

Initially Redeemer was released with mixed reviews especially with uneven difficulty balancing, not to mention its slight repetitiveness. Now, admittedly I did not play the original version, I am just going on reviews I have read for myself about it, but it seems that Sobaka Studio have put some serious time and effort into polishing the game for a blanket release.

So, what to expect? Well, the core of the game is set over 16 relatively short chapters filled with serious violence as well as various combat arenas which you unlock the further through the game you progress. With the use of punches, kicks, melee kills and ranged weapons you hack your way through some serious numbers of enemies, but the more you kill, the more you can level up your abilities as well as collecting scrolls along the way to level up other aspects of your character. All of these perks gives you the opportunity of dealing with your enemies in new and fun ways, something which stops the feeling of repeatedly doing the same things over and over, especially when you learn to rip your enemies arms off and use them as a melee weapon.

Finding the game a little tricky alone? No problem; a local co-op mode is available so a second friend can join in the action which will take a lot of the pressure off yourself to do it alone.

The graphics are pretty simple but effective, but for some reason I started off working my way through the monastery and within a few chapters I was working my way underground through backdrops which could have easily been set in a space styled game (this is why I was reminded of Alien Breed). The level backdrops just didn’t feel right for the game for me, but they did still look nice. Not to mention the amount of blood that is left splattered around the floor after killing your foes. With all of the action on screen at given times, the performance of the game holds up really well. I didn’t encounter any issues with frame rate drops or glitches.

6 – 8 hours for a full playthrough isn’t a bad time for a game like this, but if you try to take the game on at a much higher level, prepare to have plenty of snacks and drinks at your side as it will take a lot more time. That being said, I had way too much fun hacking my way through hundreds of enemies to even notice how long I had been drawn in.

I do wish I had the chance to play the original game so I could compare the two directly, but if you haven’t had the chance either then this is a great stand alone game to tackle and if Sobaka Studio have done nothing but improve on its original release then my guess is that that first title was still a good game to start with as the Enhanced Edition is fantastic.

8/10 for my score, simply because I still wanted more from the game although it does offer a lot. I just wanted a longer game, but what has been presented is a great title all the same.

**PLEASE NOTE: AIR Entertainment were supplied with a review copy of the game, this has in no way influenced my views as per our Review Policy**

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