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The Beast Inside PC Review – Terrifying Time Travel.

The Beast Inside PC Review

The Beast Inside is an Indie, horror Survival game. It was developed by Illusion Ray Studios and is set back in the cold war. Is it worth buying? Find out in our The Beast Inside PC review!

Remember the good, old days where scary was exactly that. Remember playing Alien Isolation or Outlast? A time where the sole purpose was to make you jump out of your skin, no subtleties, just out and out terror? Let me assure you, playing this game has every feature you could possibly want – Just don’t forget your clean pair of underwear. It’s fantastic to play and gives you the true feeling of an immersive horror experience.


The storyline is very interesting, it hides a dark family secret and one that uses deciphers to unlock new chapters. You go backwards in time, from the perspective of the main character you venture back to the life of a previous family member, one that previously owned the property, and let the history of the house unfold. I chose the adventure mode to give the full experience of the game and to understand the story and give it its full effect. Adam and his pregnant wife move to the countryside to raise their soon to be family and escape city life. The house was given to them by Adams parents. Though the light-hearted beginning soon turns dark as you strive to solve a murder mystery that was long forgotten.

After exploring through some of the house, you start to uncover clues and newspaper clippings etc. that help shape the story.


The Music is brilliant, it’s a normal horror game, placing creepy music when something is about to happen. It definitely gives off an eery feeling. It’s slow but very powerful. The sound effects are an excellent touch on adding to the experience, sudden loud clangs of ornaments or floorboards, doors. Very consistent, dramatic soundtracks.


You are taught the game as you go along and it Focuses heavily on the interactive side of gameplay. You have a small inventory when you start the game. you use Lockpicks, open doors into the unknown and pick up new items as you go. Another fantastic small feature is how you handle the matches/lantern. In most horror games, the lanterns are held up close to the face whereas in this they are held up to the top of the chest. How most people would actually hold a lantern in the real world. Who would hold a lit match too close to their face?

The Beast Inside contains non-stop jump scare after jump scare. So if that ain’t for you, then neither is this game.


The graphics are very realistic, Backgrounds look authentic. The house features and the surrounding woods are stunning. I also found the enemies are terrifying to look at (in a good way).

The Beast Inside PC Review – The Verdict

The Beast Inside is fantastic. It is what you expect from a horror game. It’s intense, aesthetically pleasing to look at, provides quality soundtracks. Very gory, punishes you psychologically and a well written story line. Its been well made and for anyone who enjoys horrors and keeping their minds active with puzzles. You are going to love this!

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