Cannon Brawl Switch Review – Perfect Blend of Artillery and RTS

Cannon Brawl Switch Review – Perfect Blend of Artillery and RTS

Cannon Brawl, developed by Turtle Sandbox, is a creative blend between RTS games and 2D artillery. A deceptively fast-paced game that has you fighting for victory one inch at a time, capturing critical resources to ensure that you can outblast the enemy as you push to take out their base. Is it worth a buy? Find out in our Cannon Brawl Switch Review!



The gameplay of Cannon Brawl takes the tactical elements of RTS games and adds them to a Worms style 2d artillery tactical game. The resulting Real-Time mechanics are what separates this game from others of the same genre, adding a little bit of chaos into a genre that is more tuned to the thinking man. Cannon Brawl is to Worms what Bullet Chess is to Chess. (For anyone unaware of Bullet Chess, it’s the same as normal chess, only each player is on an incredibly short timer, so snap decisions are essential).

The battle for Space

Cannon Brawl is all about pushing your opposition back and limiting the amount of space they have available. This is made possible through the game’s use of Balloons, The user must sprawl out and push towards the oppositions zone one balloon at a time, with each balloon having a circular radius that expands where the player can build. This includes building farms to gather precious resources or putting turrets into tactically advantageous locations.

Inevitably, the 2 sides will bump heads so that neither player can expand further. They must then work to destroy the opposition’s balloons using a large arsenal of available towers, before racing to mark the newly claimed territory with a balloon of their own.

Resource Gathering

Resource gathering is an integral part of any match in Cannon Brawl, Though this is nothing new in the RTS genre. It most certainly is unique for 2d artillery tactical games. The Resource gathering aspect forces the players to push out to claim as much land as possible, instead of just fighting it out at a distance.

The Airship

The players’ Airship acts as the game’s cursor, You fly around the map in an attempt to maximize your efficiency and get the most out of your Actions per minute. some characters add certain perks available to the player that give the Airship various active powers, making your “cursor” capable of packing a punch!


The Unlockables on Cannon Brawl add another entirely new dynamic to the game, Different heroes have different perks available to them, A HUGE array of towers available result’s in no 2 lineups being the same, and a wide variety of maps to play. All of these are drip-fed to the players’ roster through progressing through the game’s numerous challenges.


Although with the games intelligent AI being more than enough to challenge even the most advanced of players, Games of this genre are nothing without multiplayer support – Cannon Brawl is no exception to this. The game fully includes multiplayer on a number of available maps. Allowing the player to take all of their unlockables onto the battlefield with a friend (or non-friend) via Local Play or Online.


The graphics of Cannon Brawl aren’t particularly noteworthy, Which is by no means a complaint. The graphics are very middle of the park, containing a simplistic art style, brightly colored with a glossed theme. The style flows for the most part and doesn’t particularly contain much to complain about.

Cannon Brawl Switch Review

being pedantic, I found a lot of the character models to be rather inconsistent in size and scale. Whether this was Different artists, different assets, or another reason, I’m not sure. This complaint is incredibly mild due to it becoming almost unnoticeable within the game itself. But on the character selection and throughout the cutscene it was mildly irritating. They all contained the same art style but the sizes of some of the models were so disproportionate to other models.


The story of Cannon Brawl is very generic. Covering a very dysfunctional Royal Family as you progress through the stages. The story itself is incredibly short, with a lot of the campaign depth coming from the various difficulties and challenges. The challenges system works on a star system similar to that of Angry Birds, only the rating is based more on victory times and actions per minute.


Cannon Brawl opted to go without voice acting, instead of going with a text-based cut scene system. So there isn’t really all that much to say on that. The music, much like the graphics, is very middle of the road. And the same can be said of the sound effects too, nothing breathtaking, but absent of anything that can be criticized.

Cannon Brawl Switch Review – The Verdict

Cannon Brawl is a great game to experience either alone or with friends, the perfect blend of RTS and 2D artillery Tactical elements results in an incredibly unique, addictive title. With a price tag of $14.99 you definitely get your moneys worth of content on a game that you will certainly revisit from time to time.

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