What Does Pog Mean in Gaming and Where Did it Originate?

so, What Does Pog Mean in Gaming? For years Twitch communities have used the expression ‘Pog’, ‘poggers’ or ‘PogChamp’ to express surprise, delight or fascination whenever their favourite twitch streamer does something impressive. Originally the abbreviation directly means ‘Play of the game’, which is why it’s usually associated as a response t...[Read More]

Cannon Brawl Switch Review – Perfect Blend of Artillery and RTS

Cannon Brawl, developed by Turtle Sandbox, is a creative blend between RTS games and 2D artillery. A deceptively fast-paced game that has you fighting for victory one inch at a time, capturing critical resources to ensure that you can outblast the enemy as you push to take out their base. Is it worth a buy? Find out in our Cannon Brawl Switch Review! Gameplay The gameplay of Cannon Brawl takes the...[Read More]

Path Of Exile 3.14 – The Absolute Best POE Class Builds to Get You Started!

Path of Exile is a hugely successful free-to-play Action-adventure game, mildly comparable to the diablo series of games, the game focuses heavily on min-maxing gear set and skill combination to get the most out of your characters, resulting in players being able to clear heavily crowded rooms of enemies to devastating effects. With the recent release of the 3.14 update, we have scoured the intern...[Read More]

Before Your Eyes PC Review – Best Game of the Year, Already?

Before Your Eyes is an ambitious first-person narrative roller roaster that strikes all of the right chords. What makes this story about a small child growing up in a quaint little town by the sea, to two loving parents so unique? Keep reading our Before Your Eyes PC Review to find out! Created by GoodbyeWorld Games and published by Skybound Games. Before your Eyes places you into the soul of benn...[Read More]

Introducing ‘Playpulse ONE ‘ – The World’s First Exercise Bike Games Console!

Today, 13th of April 2021, Playpulse ONE is being introduced into the world of gaming. Boasted as the world’s very first combination of exercise bike, video game console, and entertainment system that strives to make working out more fun. Playpulse ONE looks to mix the immersion of video games and the magic of entertainment into a best-in-class exercise bike containing powerful software tech...[Read More]

Ludwig to Donate ‘Subathon’ Streams Final Day Earnings to Charity

Ludwig announced on Saturday that the final day earnings of his record-breaking ‘Subathon’ stream will be going to charity in an attempt to take the number one spot for the most subscribed Twitch streamer, He currently trails by less than 18,000(According to Twitchtracker.com) The Final day being the 13th of April, at 9pm PST. THE LAST DAY OF THE SUBATHON WILL BE TUESDAY APRIL 13 AT 9 ...[Read More]

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Outlaw Pass 5 – Out Now!

A curated selection of gifts and rewards, all spread out over 80 Club Ranks. Find all the details listed in the new Red Dead Redemption 2 The Outlaw Pass 5, out now! Wheeler, Rawson & Co. is pleased to announce the all-new Outlaw Pass, complete with clothing, emotes, camp items such as flags and a canine companion, horse manes and mustaches, Moonshine Shack décor, and more. In addition, there ...[Read More]

How to Stop Enemies From Spawning In Your Valheim Base

Surefire Methods as discovered by the Valheim community that you can use to keep enemies out. We provide you with all you need to know on how to stop enemies from spawning in your valheim base! Are you the sort of player, like us, that has created a dedicated server for all of their friends to create one huge Viking community on Valheim? If this is the case then at one point or another you would h...[Read More]

Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide – Grand Theft Horse

Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide Introduction Death is a side quest on Rustler (Grand theft horse), located at the highlighted area of the map (Just south of the castle, hugging the wall left). and speaking to the gravedigger. You are tasked with scaring bandits by playing dress up as death. Find out how to complete the quest in our Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide! Rustler Death on th...[Read More]

Rustler Guy That Knows a Guy Guide

Rustler Guy That Knows a Guy Guide Introduction Guy that knows a guy is the 3rd main quest on Rustler. You are trying to gain fake documents in order to enter the Grand Tournament. Buddy know’s a guy that know’s a guy. Find out how to complete this mission in our Rustler Guy that knows a guy guide! Rustler Guy That Knows a Guy Dialogue Buddy: We have to cross that damn bridge, guy. It&...[Read More]

Rustler High Season Guide

Rustler High Season Guide Introduction High season is the second Mission on Rustler (Grand Theft Horse). Learn how to use a crossbow and head off for your first kill! Bodies are in high demand, take your prized kill to the gravedigger and say no more! Find out how to complete this mission in our Rustler High Season Guide! Rustler High Season Dialogue Buddy: Guy, what if I told you that you might t...[Read More]

Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough(Grand Theft Horse).

Intro **Note – This Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough guide is still being created. It will look like a mechanics toolbox for the time being until it has been completed. Feel free to use the directory until it is finished! But mind the mess!** Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) is a game created by Jutsu games that takes inspiration from the original grand theft auto titles. envisioning them inside o...[Read More]

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