Stellaris: Nemesis Review – A Galaxy of New Content

A brand new DLC and update has been released for Paradox Games’ now 5-year-old game, but how does Stellaris: Nemesis compare to earlier iterations? Become the Galaxy’s Saviour, or its Worst Crisis As the name suggests, one of the major new features released with this expansion includes the ability to become an end-game crisis. The process for the player to begin their potential trail o...[Read More]

Crusader Kings 3 Review – An Amazing New Standard for Strategy

The newest entry in the Crusader King series has finally arrived, but was it worth the wait? All this will be answered in our Crusader Kings 3 review! A New Take on an Old System Crusader Kings 3 allows players to play as a medieval ruler and help to guide their family through the centuries; starting from either the Age of the Vikings, in 867, or just before William of Normandy’s conquest of...[Read More]

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor DLC Review

Europa Universalis IV has come a long way since its original release in 2013; with Emperor being the game’s 16th offical expansion (not including numerous music and unit packs). Despite this, Emperor will be, on paper at least, the largest update to the game so far. The Emperor DLC, as well as the accompanying 1.30 patch, arrives today. As is usual with Paradox Interactive games, a lot of th...[Read More]

Civilization VI (2020) Review – Frontier Pass

Civilization VI, despite being released in 2016, is still seeing large additions made to the game. Two expansions later, here we are with the release of the Frontier update. Unlike previous expansions, the Frontier update will roll out it’s content over the span of the next year, with a DLC pack being added to the game every other month. Two New Civilizations The first DLC pack, out now, con...[Read More]

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