Youtubers Life – OMG Edition Review

Youtubers Life – OMG Edition Review

I could spend hours on here going into the reasons why I genuinely HATE all of these ‘YouTube Stars’ and I will touch on that. They aren’t stars at all! They started out in their Mom’s basement recording a few silly videos of them screaming like hysterical teenage rejects from a Z-list horror movie whilst playing a game and for some reason, everyone seemed to love it.

The problem now is that the likes of Markiplier and PewDiePie are bigger than Hollywood. That being said, they don’t exactly do anything for game releases. OK, they sit there and play the games whilst acting like idiots which is the only reason people watch them. They don’t watch for what game they are actually playing, its all to do with their behaviour throughout. I have even spoken to developers who have used the above mentioned people and it did nothing for their sales. Its all about them and how they will rip off young children’s parents who are being forced by their kids to buy merchandise. And yes, I am speaking from experience being a parent myself. My daughter even went to the extent of having us buy tickets to go and see Markiplier when he was doing a UK tour. Basically spending the best part of 2 hours on stage being a complete idiot with his friends (something I can do on a daily basis and I don’t get paid for the pleasure). Then, of course, there was the merch at the show that had to be bought for her. A cheap hoodie, a pair of table tennis bats (!!!!) and a bag for school, all of which was grossly overpriced. Luckily however, I didn’t have to suffer it. I sat in the car and waited outside whilst my better half went in with my daughter. Her exact words were along the lines of.. “worst 2 hours of my life and I’ll never get them back”.

Then we move on to the likes of Logan Paul. Everyone knows the sick thing he did for his YouTube channel which was disgusting. Yet, he had the power and the followers to put it out there. So glad that it bit him on the ass big time and there was practically a manhunt for him. Going out to Japan, disrespecting the local culture and people and then posting the whole suicide forest video. The main issue being he did it for views which in turn pays money to him through YouTube and didn’t give a thought to who it affected in the process.

Anyway, I digress. The reason I’m here is to get hands on with U-Play onlines latest game, Youtubers Life.

Launch Trailer for Youtubers Life

From the outset, the game presents you with a choice of three different YouTubing careers. You can select from Gaming, Music or Cooking to launch yourself into internet fame. Choosing any of these careers does not majorly change the way you will play out your YouTubers Life. The cooking choice offers the most variety, as you are able to purchase different ingredients to create your own recipes, but, apart from that, the main aim of the game is to make your name on the worldwide web. The way you do it is to make videos, build the hype, milk the most views and rake in that easy money.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the graphics are cute but what was annoying to me was how much they reminded me of Wii characters. In fact the entire game reminded me of a bad mix of The Sims which had been built for the Nintendo Wii, using the cartoon graphics and character creation for that console. Something which became even more apparent on the character creation screen.

You are given a very limited amount of creation items for your YouTuber ranging from hairstyles to mouth shapes. You are also given six personality types – given the choice, you could focus on creating the most viral online videos, be the life of the party or chase the love of your life. Whilst these choices offer a couple of different ways to earn experience points, it doesn’t add any perks as to how it affects your life on the web. Basically, all it changes is the wording of your side objectives.

Then it’s on to the game. Given a nice tutorial as you progress through your own bedroom in your Mom’s house (my dude progressed up in the world from the basement obviously) you start to forge your footprint on the internet buying upgrades for your computer, buying new consoles and handhelds and watching as the easy money starts to slowly roll in. All this whilst you have to manage your studies at school inbetween wasting your life away on YouTube. Completing various set tasks along the way allows you to eventually move out of your bedroom and into a shared apartment. The idea is to keep going until you get your own mansion.

All this is quite fun to do in between your studies whilst still living with Mom. If you don’t keep up to them you run the risk of her confiscating your computer for a couple of days as punishment. You then have the options to earn extra money by doing odd jobs around the place, but also going out to social events like parties, going to the movies and video game promotion events. None of these are particularly enjoyable as they are just there to rack up experience points and develop “relationships” with other YouTubers. The promotional events are the worst offenders, as attending simply replenishes your standing – you don’t even need to converse with anyone.

At first the game is quite fun getting involved in everything that’s going on around you and trying to create relationships as you do in The Sims. Unfortunately it doesn’t last. After an hour I was bored stupid doing the same things over and over again. The game is extremely repetitive and does start to drag, not to mention the blatant attempt at avoiding any copyright infringements within the game. You use your computer to shop from places like Idea (Ikea) for home decor, Amazing (Amazon) for new games etc yet the company logos are the same as the big name brands. The one thing that really annoyed me is the name of the game. Its called YouTubers Life, so within that title is YouTube, yet when you get into the game, the YouTube title is replaced with something else.. WHY?!

Then there is the video creation. Again, very repetitive but you have to keep spamming the internet with these videos to make a name for yourself and see the money come rolling in.

There’s just not enough within the game to keep you coming back for more. The Sims have done these types of games much better and for much longer. It will probably appeal to young gamers, but for seasoned people it won’t. I posted a teaser that AIR Entertainment were going to be reviewing the game with the above trailer on our Facebook page and the general consensus from people was that the game looked crap. Strong words from the community, but I do have to agree with them after the first hour or so. For these reasons the best I could actually give the game is a 6/10. Its fun at first, but it doesn’t last.

**Please not, AIR Entertainment were supplied with a review copy of the game by Koch Media. All the above thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by receiving the game to test out**

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