Square Enix registers “Parasite Eve” trademark in the United Kingdom

Square Enix registers “Parasite Eve” trademark in the United Kingdom

Are Square Enix planning to release a new Parasite Eve?

Thanks to Siliconera, we know Square Enix has recently trademarked Parasite Eve in the United Kingdom following the same trademark that was filed in Europe back in November 2018. With Square Enix having recently released the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, could they be prepared to release a sequel to 2000’s Parasite Eve 2?

The Parasite Eve trademark has only been registered in Europe and the United Kingdom, so this unfortunately means that a new instalment is unlikely. With the first entry having never been released in Europe, the most fans should probably expect is a mobile port or a digital release via PS One Classics. Still – however unlikely – a continuation or remake similar to Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 would be a dream come true for old-school gamers and fans of SquareSoft. 

Short and sweet I know, but if any other news hits we will bring it to you.

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