PlayStation Plus May 2020: My views

PlayStation Plus May 2020: My views

I wouldn’t normally go ahead and write an article like this, but I thought it right to stand on my very own soapbox and put my opinions out about the controversy that seems to have happened in the last week since Sony and PlayStation announced exactly what the free games for PlayStation Plus members were going to be.

If you are unaware of what has been going on, have you been living under a rock, or, like me, were you sensible enough not to get involved?

Basically, a week before the announcement by PlayStation the rumor’s started doing the rounds online as they always do each month as to what games were coming free to members. The apparent ‘leak’ said that we were all getting Dying Light and Dark Souls Remastered. Every single month these clickbait articles adorn Google and have never been right.

Now, if these leaked game stories were true in any way then whoever is leaking them faces a massive breach of NDA’s which will be in place throughout every single PlayStation workplace. Not only that, but because the NDA has been breached then PlayStation are well within their rights to withdraw anything that has been leaked and change to suit. If all this is the case and the ‘entitled’ population of PlayStation owners aren’t happy about PlayStation changing that lineup then don’t attack PlayStation themselves for what everyone is saying is a terrible month of games. Attack the idiots that are leaking the misinformation as it is them to blame entirely! PlayStation have now released Farming Simulator 19 and Cities: Skyline.

My theory is much more simple than the above. They are clickbait articles designed to get everyone viewing them so that whoever reported the news gets loads of Ad Revenue from visits. OK, thats what’s going to happen with this article as well, I know. I could write an article next month before PlayStation announce their games saying that the free games for PS+ owners in June 2020 will be Final Fantasy VII Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake. As long as I was the first person to publish that story the internet would believe it.

What you all have to remember as well is that PlayStation don’t even have to give anyone games. They are FREE! The money you pay over for your PlayStation Plus subscription is just that; a SUBSCRIPTION to be able to play games online. The price you pay to Sony is to keep their servers running. If you don’t pay toward PS+, you can’t play your games online unless they are ‘free to play’ titles. Don’t like it? Move to Xbox.. oh wait, they do exactly the same thing as Sony.

Thank You PlayStation

What people are quick to forget is that in the last couple of months Gamers have been given quite a bit free. If you have the PlayStation Plus subscription you have all received the entire Uncharted series. PlayStation kindly gave us all free games with their Play At Home initiative. A few developers have also kindly made their games free to help us while we are in lockdown. However that is never enough for the entitled ones out there is it? You decided to take to the internet and create an online petition for PlayStation to change this months games. Its actually rather disgusting how no matter what PlayStation do, its never enough.

I’m sure that whoever is behind the decision at PlayStation as to what games are free every month is probably laughing their ass off at just how petty and pathetic the consumers have been this month. I know I am sat here thinking that anyone that has publicly complained or moaned is a complete tool and if that upsets you that pang of guilt you have must be real at the moment.

The bad guys in all of this are those leaking the games. Whether or not those leaks were ever true to life or not remains to be seen. PlayStation is after all a business and needs to make money in order to keep going and allowing us all to enjoy their products. They shouldn’t be victimized for someone else’s actions and continue to bring us free titles every month when I’m sure their main focus now is on the PlayStation 5 and getting that out on time. Cut them some slack and have a think about who is truly at fault, because its not the company as a whole. Its that 0.01% who has possibly spoilt it for us all.

The lesson here is do not listen to rumors. Wait for the official release every month from PlayStation.

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