PlayStation network servers down worldwide… but not for everybody

PlayStation network servers down worldwide… but not for everybody

Reports are coming out on social media that the servers for PlayStation 4 are down, but not everyone seems to be affected.

Last month, Sony announced that, due to the coronavirus crisis, PlayStation download speeds would have to be slowed down. However, it promised that online play would not be affected.

Well, over the last several hours, numerous players have been complaining that they are experiencing issues with the PlayStation Network, unable to connect to the servers or even launch games.

These issues appear to be plaguing players worldwide, enough that Sony has officially recognised the problem and stated that it is working on resolving it – although it hasn’t provided a reason as to why these issues were happening in the first place.

It’s possible that the servers have been overloaded due to increased demand from the lockdown, but what’s odd is that not everyone is being affected.

There seem to be just as many reports from players that are experiencing no issues with the PSN features, to the point where some are assuming that this is some prank or late April Fool’s joke.

There has been an overall mixed response to the situation on Reddit. Many are expressing frustration at being unable to play their games, others are mocking them for overreacting, and plenty don’t seem to particularly care, notably those playing Xbox One, PC, or Switch.

It’s not known how much longer the situation will persist, but generally these sort of problems don’t last longer than a day or so.

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