Eddie’s Puzzle Time – Unreleased Gameboy game (Download Link Included!)

Eddie’s Puzzle Time – Unreleased Gameboy game (Download Link Included!)

Written by JulieAndPaul:

Unreleased 1994 title for Gameboy,
Jason McGann: Design and Programming, David Bland: Level Design Peter Tettersall: Graphics

Title Screen

“Eddie’s Puzzle Time” is an unreleased puzzle game that was submitted to us by Jason McGann, who has given us permission to share it with you. The game was meant for the GameBoy, so you will need to run an emulator on your computer to play it.

The game is retro and rather straight forward with easy-to-play elements. There are three starting points with each having its own set of levels to play through. The object is to “throw” like-numbered blocks into each other before your timer runs out on each level. It was an easy feeling to jump into this right away and start playing. Some levels are challenging, but if you work through some of the tricks they are all solvable.

According to Jason, it was about 99% completed with most of the features. Passwords have not been finalized.

Jason McGann Design credits titles like  Alfred Chicken, as well as Programming GTA: Vice City Stories, and GTA:Liberty City Stories from RockStar Leeds.  Currently he has formed The Great Unwashed with Jeff Tawney. More Information here:https://www.f6s.com/thegreatunwashed

Currently my score on my game is around 19,800 points.

Download the game and share your scores in the comments below.

Written by Japes:

Speaking with my friend Jason McGann, he gave me some background on the game.

“Eddies Puzzle Time was written in 1993/94 under the game’s company, Hookstone (Zoop, Sentinel Returns). After Alfred Chicken was complete, Peter Tattersall did the graphics, David Bland did 90% of the level design, but all 3 of the team created levels for Eddie. I (Jason McGann) did the programming.

The game was in development for around 4 months. The team had tried pitching it to publishers at the time, but it was seen as a “risk” and deemed too expensive to promote. The game ran on a 64k cartridge that was half the size of Alfred Chicken, which was 128k!

Eventually the team was asked by Sunsoft to make a version of Alfred Chicken in Japanese, so Eddie’s was put a side and forgot about.

After the Alfred Japanese version, we started looking at Eddie again. We looked into randomly generating levels and ported it to PC. We iterated a few approaches and eventually Zoop, so Eddie’s is in fact a precursor to Zoop.

Dave Bland went onto working with Dan Houser writing GTA games.

Pete left the industry. I’ve not spoken to him for 20 years. I think he became a commercial artist and video editor!”

Jason was kind enough to give us permission to release the game to the retro community.
The game can be uploaded and shared anywhere. Have fun!

Download “Eddies Puzzle Time Gameboy Game”

eddies.gb – Downloaded 1614 times – 64.00 KB


Controls for the game provided by Jason..

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