CelesSteel franchises are in development

CelesSteel franchises are in development

Very few of you will have heard of CelesSteel, let alone the development team Retrolution Games behind the franchise, but something tells me that you soon will. Not only are Retrolution Games working on the game, but also a comic to accompany alongside.
As a brief background history into the birth of CelesSteel, Luke Kiedron, the man behind the idea, gave me a quick background of the idea.
“I’d had the idea for CelesSteel in mind for a few years prior to attempting to do anything with it. It was at the start of 2016 that I decided to post an ad on PixelJoint asking for artists to help me create some of the characters. Initially, it was just going to be a few small jobs.
“As the characters developed, I was genuinely excited by them and it gave me confidence to think that I was on to something, so I then started to send out more ads and gain more contacts. What started as a small idea gradually began to grow into a full development “
“As time went on, the project began to expand with more characters and idea’s and it became clear to me that it was going to take a long time to finish the game up to the levels that I would be happy with. I wanted to bring it to the public in some form faster, so I branched out into the comic at the beginning of this year.
“Interestingly, it wasn’t originally my idea for the comic, but when I started early promotion for the game, I began to advertise for further artists and was approached by Chris Puglise whos work impressed me so much i just had to get him on board and it was at that point the idea hit me. I wish I had thought of doing it from the start.”

So, what shall we expect from the game?

Styled in a similar vein to 80s action cartoons such as He-Man, Thundercats and Galaxy Rangers, the game centres around the order of CelesSteel, a group of heroes chosen by the star gods following an apocalyptic catastrophe, to save the dying world of Gaiamor. Lead by the valiant knight Varendor and the enigmatic android MIERA, the CelesSteel will battle across desolate deserts, decaying toxic wastes and crumbling city streets through 9 thrilling levels of relentless action, taking on marauding punks, mutants and hideous monsters, as they strive to drive back the forces of darkness threatening the last vestiges of humanity.

received_10156033318645663[476]At the moment, the game is still in very early stages of development, but Luke Kiedron has teased me with some gifs as well as screenshots from the early development. Take yourself back to the days of sideways scrolling action games such as Double Dragon, Golden Axe etc and you’re on the right lines with this game. It really does sound like fun and a great move to head back to the days of the sideways scroller that a lot of the older generation of gamer’s loved. I say that as a lot of gamer’s today will have never played many original games from the 80’s/90’s era when they were all the rage.
I have had the pleasure of seeing the comic artwork with a few pages being sent to me, but Luke is keeping his cards close to his chest, I was given one page that I can share with you to give you an idea of the fantastic work going in to it.
I love the nod to the original Streets of Rage cover, not to mention that the bald headed guy is actually Luke. I can promise you, that this artwork is indicative of what I have seen within the other pages as well. Once the comic has been released, I know I will be getting a copy of it to add to my comic collection.

For anyone who is interested in keeping up to date with any notifications on the process of development then there is a YouTube account for Retrolution Games that I would urge you all to follow. Below you can see the latest update from Luke.

Retrolution Games are also set up on Twitter where you can follow more updates as they happen.
I would love to be able to bring you more on the development of the game and the comic, but at the moment I can only share with you what I have been asked to. There is a lot more to come, what I have seen is exciting, and we at AIR Entertainment will try our hardest to bring our readers updates as soon as we can.
Watch this space!

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