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LONDON, UK — DECEMBER 4TH, 2017 — Today, Ubisoft announced that “Resistance,” Update 1.8 for Tom Clancy’s The Division will launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms tomorrow, December 5th. Coinciding with the release of Resistance, The Division Free Weekend is coming to all platforms from December 7th to December 10th. Additionally, all The Division owners will have free access to all of the expansions included in The Division’s Season Pass (Underground, Survival, and Last Stand) from December 5th to December 10th.

“Resistance,” Update 1.8  is the largest free update thus far for Tom Clancy’s The Division and expands the game map with a new area accessible to all players: West Side Pier. In addition to the variety of open world activities available across the whole map, West Side Pier will be home to two new game modes:

  • Resistance (PvE mode) – In Resistance, the different factions are teaming up for the first time to fight against Division agents. Varied enemy NPCs continuously spawn in waves as up to four agents try to survive for as long as they can. Enemies drop resources that can be used to either set up defenses or extend the battlefield, offering more tactical options to the players. Players need to cooperate and find the best strategy to complete as many waves as possible and get greater rewards.


  • Skirmish (PvP mode) – In Skirmish, two teams of four players compete against each other to get the highest number of kills before the time expires. Teams earn points each time a downed enemy player is eliminated.

Additionally, “Resistance,” Update 1.8 will include a new social hub, improvements to the Underground DLC, a revamp of the rogue mechanics, as well as an optimisation of the gear system letting players improve the stats of their favourite equipment.
To celebrate the release of the 1.8 “Resistance” update, Tom Clancy’s The Division will offer a free DLC week as well as a free weekend:
Free DLC Week
From December 5th – 10th, all The Division players will get free, unlimited access to all three expansions included in Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Season Pass offer, including Underground, Survival and Last Stand. This free period will be available across all available platforms and accessible to free weekend players.
Free Weekend
From December 7th – 10th, the full game will be accessible to new players on all available platforms. The current free trial offer, which gives players full access to the main game until they reach level 8 or complete six hours of playtime, will be on hiatus during the free weekend but reinstated once the free weekend promotion ends. Players who have downloaded the free trial before December 7thwill see trial restrictions lifted until the end of the free weekend.
In conjunction with this free weekend, there will be discounts on Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Standard and Gold Editions on the Ubisoft Store. All progress from the free weekend will carry over to the full game if players purchase it.
Tom Clancy’s The Division takes place weeks after a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City on Black Friday. One by one, basic services fail and in only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, is activated to save society. In this immersive online open world action RPG, discover a hostile and dynamic environment where exploration and player progression are essential. Team up with other players to investigate the sources of the virus and reclaim the city from the overwhelming turmoil.


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