Beach Buggy Racing Review

Beach Buggy Racing Review

The Nintendo Switch Console seems to be at full acceleration currently with new releases coming thick and fast in both big game titles as well as indie games, and while the big racing name is always Mario Kart for Nintendo fans, you can guarantee that there will always be another racing game hoping for a spot on the winning pedestal. Enter Beach Buggy Racing, an eShop download title for Nintendo Switch that has potential to zip past the checkered flag and take the interest of gamers who enjoy simplistic fun in gaming. Buckle in while we handle some terrible puns and discuss if this game has what it takes to finish first. 
Stylistically, Beach Buggy Racing takes a simple approach to cartoon-esque graphics from characters to environments, and gives an all-round feeling of “let’s make this game bright and colourful” to add to its lighthearted theme. The characters look like they could easily have been related to MySims NPC’s and all come with a witty little summary of their personality types. What sets them apart is they all have a unique ability to use on the racecourse. The first Character in the roster Rez has a boost ability called “Burning Rubber” which can give you a little bit of an edge during a race. 
In terms of how it handles and how the controls feel, Beach Buggy could benefit greatly from a power slide option. Perhaps this is just me being far too used to Mario Kart, but when it came to racing the first few times, I found the corners particularly tough to maneuver. There are several times where your buggy or kart can slide out of control and it can be difficult to recover fast enough. What does swing in this games favour is the simple controls mean anyone can just pick up the Joy Con and race without needing to do a great deal.  
Beach Buggy Racing’s main game Career mode is the single player races where most people will be spending their playtime. Comprised of 9 different tournaments, each with its own set of challenges including: 1 lap races, Time Trials, Elimination and Boss one on ones. Other game modes include Daily Challenges, Quick Races, Championships and Split Screen. Initially Quick Races and Championships are locked and require you to defeat the first boss race to unlock. From there the player is free to choose at leisure what kind of races to undertake. Whichever activity you undertake can earn you coins to go towards vehicle customisation and in-game achievements which is something that I am always happy to see in games. 
In terms of downsides to this game, I would say there is nothing that would really stop me from playing any further but there’s just a few issues that I would point out from my time playing. There are no touch screen controls for the Nintendo Switch, while not being a huge deal was a bit strange to find absent. Again, I could simply be too used to Mario Kart having them readily available. My other gripe with the game was simply that it can spin your kart out of control out of nowhere and easily drop you a few positions in the race. These aside, the game is great for any Switch players that might want to spend some time having a silly race around with friends or out at community events. If you are looking for a more serious or competitive racer, perhaps this one might not appeal to you.
This game gets a solid 6/10 from this racer. The variations in available vehicles, different characters that are available to unlock as you progress and achievements will keep me going back for more every now and again. Beach Buggy Racing is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop from September 14th priced at £9.99.

In order to write this review, I received a code from a PR. This had no impact on my opinion or this review.

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