Battletech – Heavy Metal DLC

Battletech – Heavy Metal DLC

We received this product for free for the purpose of this review

DLC Description

470 Tons of Mech Madness Heavy Metal unleashes a wide range of ‘Mechs that both longtime fans and new players can enjoy. Pilot seven classic BattleMechs along with one new ‘Mech designed exclusively for this expansion.

Experience the mystery of a derelict cargo ship while attempting to take control of its payload in the new flashpoint mini-campaign and crank destruction up to eleven with eight new game-changing weapon systems!

BattleTech is a turned based game by Harebrained Schemes. At launch you have 3 options of play with this game The Story Driven campaign, The open world, which allows you jump right in and start taking contracts, and Quick Battle Skirmish mode.  The new DLC that released on Nov 21, 2019 added some new life into the game, additional Mechs and weapon systems allow for greater flexibility than you had before. The studio is really putting their time and talent behind this title and it has been great to see. As a fan of both the table top and just about all the BattleTech / MechWarrior video games (Including MechCommander).

Heavy Metal  puts in place ten new Mechs, two of which released in a patch to the game, The Marauder and Warhammer. The additional Mechs that are included are Flee, Vulcan, Assassin, Phoenix Hawk, Rifleman, Archer, The Annihilator and The Bullshark. There are new weapons like the Mortar, which gives you one shot per mission do area effect damage.

Harebrained Schemes Very own Bullshark Mech

The New Flashpoint is a well crafted story designed to add a few more hours of Gameplay bringing out legendary characters such as “Black Widow” and “Bounty Hunter”

“Black Widow”

The actual game play feels pretty smooth and keeps with the typical fashion of many of the current turn based strategy out there. You have limited movements for each turn. Move and Fire commands as well as sprint are the basics. Each pilot supports several key skills between Pilot, Gunner, Tactics, Guts. and you are given full control of the pilots you hire to set the skills and Mechs to your liking. Part of the fun is building load outs for Mechs to use.

The map textures, Mechs and other graphics in the game are still impressive, from the lighting effects when doing a night mission to the way the Mechs Move across the battlefield adjusting for pitch as the climb or descend down. Complete 360 camera and zoom movement allows you full control of just how you can view the action. There are many things to like about the game and DLC is only making things better.

But where there is good, there is bad: I still had long loading times for the start of missions and few times there has been complete hang ups either at the loading screen or during the mission, where you can hear sound and click the screen and even get confirmation you did something, but the screen physically does nothing. These are rare but did happen a few times so they are worth a mention. They are constantly patching the game so I am hoping the hangs will be addressed.

Torching the Enemy

Even with the issues the game has, it is still worth a 7/10 from me. It would be higher if it wasnt for the constant game freezing

BattleTech is a game by Harebrained Schemes

Published by : Paradox Interactive

The game can be bought through Paradox :—heavy-metal/BTBT01ESK0000011.html Or through Steam

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