Pharaonic – Xbox One Review

Pharaonic is a game that feels authentic to its own idea of a game set in Egypt, from the characters that are heavily tanned with strong facial features, to the environmental designs featuring hieroglyphs and ankhs and even the deadly scimitar carried around by the enemies. There is a strong sense of being transported to a different continent as you explore the world around you and try to make sen...[Read More]

Thimbleweed Park – Nintendo Switch Review

Thimbleweed Park starts out as a typical point and click adventure game that slowly becomes an X Files tribute in a small town full of interesting characters and giant pigeon people (Yes, I am being serious). As far as this genre of games go, I am definitely not a fan of typical point and click games. I find them to be plain up boring and never really found myself playing one and thinking “O...[Read More]

Developer Interview: Reptoid Games

Throughout the years, many game studios are formed by a group of like minded people that come together and think “Hey we should make a video game!”. Sounds like pretty simple stuff right? Different people work on different roles and suddenly the game happens and you get it in the hands of your consumers. But it’s not always that straightforward, and there are many indie teams tha...[Read More]

SteamWorld Dig 2 Review (Nintendo Switch)

SteamWorld Dig 2 is the latest and greatest title to come from delightful developers, Image and Form. Taking place in an alternative reality set on good ol’ Planet Earth, SteamWorld Dig 2 explores a world where in the 19th century people have already built upon and embraced the ideas and blueprints made by British inventor Charles Babbage. This means that the people of this time and going fo...[Read More]

36 Fragments of Midnight Review (Nintendo Switch)

In what seems to be a slight twist on the usual collectibles format of game, 36 Fragments of Midnight sees you controlling the titular character Midnight, A small lifeform that gives off a very soft glow around him as he eagerly bounds his way across various levels in search of Star Fragments that have been lost by his friends. Off you go on an adventure to collect 36 Star Fragments (The clue is r...[Read More]

Quest of Dungeons Review (Nintendo Switch)

When someone uses the words Dungeon Crawler to describe a game, I usually have to repress a bit of an eye roll. The term is thrown around quite often these days and more often than not, incorrectly. While I have spent quite a good amount of my life playing many genre of game, this one is not a favourite of mine. I find them to be repetitive at the best of times. Far be it from me to be on too nega...[Read More]

Nintendo Direct 13/09/17 Write up

Today was a great day for Nintendo fans as the newest edition of the video presentations Nintendo Direct aired to keep gamers up to date with the latest Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch News. The direct opened with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which releases on 17/11/17 Worldwide, and revealed 4 points of information for the upcoming titles: Necrozma is the key to the story and has fused with...[Read More]

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Review (Wii U)

Picking up my Wii U again to play on Earthlock was definitely one of the better gaming choices that I have made recently. Although the console may be fading into the background with the rise of the Nintendo Switch, Earthlock is making sure the Wii U gets an amazing send off with its addictive style of gameplay. With what can only be described as a beautiful artistic style of character de...[Read More]

Beach Buggy Racing Review

The Nintendo Switch Console seems to be at full acceleration currently with new releases coming thick and fast in both big game titles as well as indie games, and while the big racing name is always Mario Kart for Nintendo fans, you can guarantee that there will always be another racing game hoping for a spot on the winning pedestal. Enter Beach Buggy Racing, an eShop download title for Nintendo S...[Read More]

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition

We review Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition on the Nintendo Switch

REVIEW: Escape into Space with StellarHub

The summer is nearly over, school starts within the next few weeks, if not already, and the days will become shorter and cooler. Escape the inevitable fall decline by launching yourself into space to manage your own colony with StellarHub from Casualogic.


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