Netflix to Launch Video Games on its Streaming Platform

When Netflix upgraded from its rent-by-mail DVD service to streaming in 2007, the California-based company immediately made a name for itself in the entertainment industry. With thousands of movies and TV shows available at the click of a subscribe button, the world had no idea how Netflix would jettison into the global entertainment Goliath it is today. Following hot on Netflix’s heels, an array ...[Read More]

Athena Worlds Breakdown: Part 2

FULL DISCLOSURE:We’re not a “hate blog” nor are we at court for anything linked to a hate crime, no one currently at Air Entertainment is involved in a court case with any persons connected to Athena Worlds, we are aware Jane Whittaker is in court for a libel case, you can read more on Jane Whittaker here: Following my prev...[Read More]

Athena Worlds Breakdown.

Is Athena Worlds a game changing tech?, take a look for yourself in this article.

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