11 bit studios And This War of Mine Generate over $500,000 for War Child Charity

11 bit studios And This War of Mine Generate over $500,000 for War Child Charity

On November 14th, 2014 the indie smash hit This War of Mine had its premiere and that date has become special for at least one more reason. On that day, 11 bit studios joined forces with War Child, a British charity organization dedicated to helping children affected by conflict all around the world. Together, 11 bit studios and War Child created charity DLC which added war-themed works of world-famous graffiti artists to the game. Players could buy the DLC for a set price and 100% of the net income was donated to the charity. Today, more than four years after launching the initiative, we can demonstrate what has been achieved with this cooperation.

We’ve prepared a special video to tell everyone about it. Take a look below;

[wpvideo F8V0BatK]

Since the launch on November 14th, more than $500,000 has been donated to the cause. This money helped to support War Child deliver its programmes across countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Yemen:

  • 3 Temporary Learning Spaces were established where 260 children were able to carry on with their education and exams to complete their school year
  • Place 26 unaccompanied children with foster families in Bambari, Central African Republic
  • In Iraq – provide summer schooling to 457 students
  • In Afghanistan – Support 840 children aged four to six to access Early Childhood and Care Development in Kabul and Herat
  • Expand our child helpline in Democratic Republic of Congo, which received 14,557 calls in 2017 and 2,215 children were referred to specialized child protection organizations
  • Fund a new fundraising arm at War Child dedicated to working with gamers, which has raised over $2.5 million to date

None of this would be possible, without the help of the players. We would like to thank them all.

If you want to support War Child UK, you can do it directly at www.warchild.co.uk or by buying the This War of Mine Charity DLC on Steam!

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