The Foglands PS5 Review – Can this dark game be any good or descend into fear with too much fog?


The Foglands PS5 Review –

The Foglands is a rogue like shooter set in a dystopian future. Set on a strange planet you play as a Runner where you are tasked with gathering resources and stopping a giant monster from destroying your settlement.

The Foglands PS5 Review

Right at the start of the game you are introduced as usual to an optional tutorial. It may sound stupid to most, but I do recommend playing through this to allow you to get to grips with the game’s functions. I opted to skip this and struggled with what I was doing. A quick reboot soon sorted any issues I had out. It explains the games unique mechanics and introduces you to the world you will be exploring.

The Foglands PS5 Review – Lets get started

Well Told Entertainment bring us a world where Humans as well as other strange creatures were all forced to live underground. Due to this, supplies are extremely limited and rare. You are tasked with venturing out into the foggy depths as a Runner. These are the people who are brave enough (or stupid enough) to fight the beasts who are hiding in the shadows.

The Foglands PS5 Review
The Foglands PS5 Review

A Being known as Death has decided in their infinite wisdom to bring you back to life whenever you die to keep trying to defeat the beasts that are wrecking your home. Keep playing through the game and you will find out why he has chosen you.

Make sure that after you check out the tutorial you also take a look at another ‘tutorial’ option in the game’s menu. A lot of people will think that this is just a repeat of the first one you play, but it isn’t! This is something that should have just been added to the whole experience rather than separating and confusing players. It explains some of the roguelike play to help you on your way.

The Foglands PS5 Review

The idea is to complete runs collecting scrap which can be spent with vendors during the run or send it up to the surface to be able to spend it on your next run. You will also come across runner keys which can unlock cards or rooms that you can find on your next run out. The cards will grant you some buffs in the game toward your health, gun and melee damage. They can also offer special abilities and powers to make your runs a little easier. Be warned though, if you die you will lose all of these.

Kill a boss or manage to find a special chest and you can gain ichor. This is used to permanently upgrade your weapons, health and abilities.

The Foglands PS5 Review – So what’s the game like?

Let’s get started with the most important thing the game lacks… a map! Each run is procedurally generated, and it is very easy to get lost. I would have loved to have known where I had been as it is easy to get turned round and lost.

The Foglands PS5 Review

Make sure that you also take a gun with you on each run as the monsters will come thick and fast, but punch collision suffers even though the enemies when you start out are relatively easy to despatch. While you are out exploring, make sure that you search everywhere as there are a lot of collectable items that are very well hidden.

The main issue with the game is that outside of the bosses, the game is rarely challenging and does feel like and endless loop of running and easily getting lost. This becomes very frustrating. The game is generous with ammo as well so it’s not like you need to pick and choose which enemies you have to destroy and be tactical about how you do it either.

full playthrough will take about 8-12 hours and a full ‘run’ should take about 45 minutes. It all depends on how you want to play the game. The problem is that when you have finished with the game it offers no incentive to go back and run through again.

The Foglands PS5 Review – Techy stuff

Despite its issues, The Foglands does look good offering some highly detailed stages and enemies. The game is bathed in an eternal light fog (hmm, where does the title of this game come from?) so that reduces the distance of view but look at games like Silent Hill that played that to its advantage. With The Foglands it adds to the mystery of the rooms.

The Foglands PS5 Review

At times the game can be a little dark but dynamic lighting adds to the level of realism with the cartoonish art design. You just can’t beat that Steam-punk vibe with a little sci-fi thrown into the mix. Add in a soundtrack that incorporates banjo styles that fit the aesthetic well and you do have a well-presented game. This left me with little to complain about.

The Foglands PS5 Review – Final thoughts

I think with this game it all depends on how much you like Roguelikes as to whether or not you will like this title. The story is pretty shallow, and the game relies on repetition a lot. I know that this is the basis for any Roguelike game, but I personally didn’t feel it when it came to The Foglands.



Story - 6
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 9
Sound - 9

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