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SnowRunner: Master off-Road driving with 8 useful tips video

SnowRunner, the hit open-world physics driving playground from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. To the thousands of drivers exploring the untamed wilderness and struggling through mud and snow alone or with friends; the latest tips trailer can mean the difference between getting stuck and success.

Hone you driving to perfection

New players may want to chase the horizon right away, but an experienced driver will know the importance of adapting their driving to the terrain. Making use of All-Wheel Drive, Differential Lock, and the winch. If you get stuck, consider your options before flooring it and digging your wheels in; slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Upgrade and customize your vehicles in the garage

SnowRunner provides players with a host of options and tools to manoeuver the most unforgiving of terrain. Use the garage to improve and tailor your trucks to your wants and needs. Increasing your Driver Rank by completing contracts will grant you access to more vehicles and upgrades, multiplying your options and improving your trucks’ capabilities.
Drive, learn, and overcome in the vast and detailed wilderness of SnowRunner, with challenges to last over a hundred hours. Play with new missions, maps, vehicles, and more in the future with the Season Pass. As well as free updates to further expand the players’ experience!

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