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Heroes of Hammerwatch – Ultimate Edition (Xbox One)

Before I get started I just want to say that if you’re a PC gamer that thinks this is one of those amazing games then I’m ok with that… If you’re a console gamer that is about to embark on this journey please think twice.

I tried my very best to enjoy this as I’m a big retro gamer and this looked the business, while it’s not all bad the biggest fault is repetitive monotony.

Heroes of Hammerwatch

Unfair deaths lead to complete restarts of the level… which seems to only serve purpose as to slow down progression so you don’t finish the game in 5 minutes. I managed to clear the mines for the townfolk so finally I reached an end of level boss only to be swatted like a fly and have the whole level reset. This made me not want to play the game anymore.

Heroes of Hammerwatch
Just some of the beautiful things to buy…

I wish I could give you a more in depth review of the proceedings but I found the whole thing way to frustrating, the gameplay itself is adequate for a twin-stick shooter but is very slow paced and very unfair at times. The game feels like one those that Microsoft will chuck at you as a Games with Gold title in a few months and to be honest I think that’s where it deserves to be.


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