Tower Defence on a tight budget

I’ll set this right straight from the outset on here. Song of Memories really isn’t a game, its a Visual Novel with precious little interaction in the traditional way. That being said, don’t let that fool you into thinking its all bad. A romantic visual novel with a dark and sinister underbelly, Song Of Memories is an adventure that made waves in Japan for its unique and innovati...

All-Star Fruit Racing attempts to re-create those fun filled kart racing days, but in its own way

Thank goodness someone has eventually brought back the excitement of the 80's/90's arcade racers.

We really enjoyed this addictive, fun fantasy RPG filled with cats

My major issue with this game is the overly misogynistic sexualisation of young girls

Starting a new school is never easy, especially when it’s one plagued by rumours of violent murders and vengeful spirits. Unfortunately for Hee-Min Lee, it takes less than two days before Yeondu High School’s newest student finds himself trapped inside the building overnight – and thrown face-to-face with the malevolent spirits roaming the corridors.

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