I had the pleasure of playing through the excellent horror game Visage recently, developed and published by SadSquare studio, and wanted to try and express my thoughts for why it’s such a compelling horror title amongst a sea of titles that don’t hold up. Horror is a tricky genre to create, and an even harder one to master. So what does Visage do right that so many other titles mis fir...

Visage is a first person horror developed and published by SadSquare Studio. You are trapped in a house you can’t seem to escape from, and need to work your way through the tragic stories of each of the houses former denizens. But be warned; they wont make it easy. Lets play the tape on our Visage PC Review. THIS REVIEW IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OR PEOPLE WITH A NERVOUS DISPOSITION, VISAG...

What big eyes you have Granny, all the better to watch this film, my dear! Enjoy the thrilling suspense from The Company of Wolves(Affiliate link), this fantastic British 80’s horror remake of the Brother’s Grimm fable – Little Red Riding Hood. Using the protagonist to tell the story using her dreams. Rosaleen, a peasant girl in the village loves her granny (played by Angela Lans...

There's something so earie about an old Welsh hotel lost to time behind overgrown plantation. Horrors that await you beyond are what nightmare tales are made of

S.W.A.N is an upcoming horror game with psychological elements akin to Silent Hill. Watch their documentary commemorating the 34th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

Search the depths of psychological horror to find your missing daughter

A great horror relying on Thai Mythology awaits through the PSVR

A hauntingly beautiful story that plays on every human emotion, both good and bad

Fear the Wolves takes you into the heart of irradiated Chernobyl, battling the elements, other players and wolves in Battle Royale mode. The concept of the game is fantastic, but poorly executed.

Oakmont, the town that eats you from within. The game is now available for pre-order!

Blood: Fresh Supply is now available and includes all the gory goodness of the original and its expansion packs.

Atari, in partnership with Nightdive Studios, will soon release an upgraded version of the original cult classic shooter Blood — featuring enhanced compatibility for modern Windows PCs. And to get us more excited about the game, they have shared these screenshots with us.

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