Latest Reviews in the Entertainment Industry

Here are the latest reviews in the Entertainment Industry

  • Review: Son of Scoregasm for PS Vita. (12/10/2017) - Ever since the original Geometry Wars came packaged with Project Gotham Racing 2 in 2003, twin-stick shooters – branching out of classic arcade shooter games – has gained a lot of steam.  Housemarque continued to break boundaries in the arcade/twin-stick genre with their PlayStation 3 debut Super Stardust, wrapping the level around a planet, before experimenting more with level design […]
  • REVIEW: Chaos on Deponia PS4 (12/6/2017) - After years of waiting, Daedalic Entertainment have brought console users the joys of now being able to play a game which was initially released in 2012 on PC. The new release see’s the main character Rufus make his return. I personally havent played the original game release, but was ensured that I wouldnt need any knowledge of […]
  • Neverend PS4 Review (12/4/2017) - One of the hardest dungeon crawlers that had us addicted in progressing further
  • L.A. Noire PS4 Review (12/4/2017) - We took the leap of faith and dived right into this crime classic by RockStar Games
  • NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK: PS4 Review (12/1/2017) - The latest NFS Payback is a hot contender for my best title in the series
  • CAT QUEST: PS4 Review (12/1/2017) - We really enjoyed this addictive, fun fantasy RPG filled with cats
  • Review: Tower 57 On Steam (11/29/2017) - Tower 57 by Pixwerk is a top-down shooter that takes a retro perspective with its 16-bit visuals. It takes the player to the nostalgic era of the 90’s with its simple cartoonish graphics, however, players can expect an intense shooting experience that is fun to play. The story takes place in a dystopian world, where […]
  • Silent Hill Requiem is with us at last! (11/28/2017) - Was it worth the wait for the fans?
  • Review: Slayaway Camp – Butcher’s Cut for PS4. (11/7/2017) - Blue Wizard Digital has just released the console version of their indie puzzle title Slayaway Camp on PlayStation 4.  Launched last October on Steam, the title has also been ported to iOS (February) and Android (June), but it now comes to Sony’s console in an expanded and very pretty edition as Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut.  AIR Entertainment […]
  • ASSASSINS CREED ORIGINS: PS4 In-Depth Review (11/1/2017) - We give the latest Assassins Creed a Perfect Score, and in this review you will see exactly why.
  • WUPPO: PS4 Review (11/1/2017) - We look at this rather creative 2d Platformer that had us playing for hours
  • DEADCORE: PS4 Review (10/24/2017) - DeadCore makes for a fast-paced, challenging FPS platformer that someone out there will enjoy
  • THE GIRL AND THE ROBOT: PS4 Review (10/24/2017) - This fun family game will keep you busy for a few hours while filling you with that cuddly feeling at the end of your sword
  • EVIL WITHIN 2: In-Depth PS4 Review (10/23/2017) - Evil Within 2 brings together the best parts of the best games I have ever played
  • Review: Blue Reflection PS4 (10/22/2017) - My major issue with this game is the overly misogynistic sexualisation of young girls
  • Review: Spiral Splatter for PS4. (10/19/2017) - On October 20th, the mobile puzzler Spiral Splatter will be released for PS4 and PSVita.  Originally developed by Luc Versleijen and Neonchimp Games, this port is handled by Neonchimp Games and Sometimes You.  Let’s get straight to it. Spiral Splatter is a straightforward puzzle title in which you must guide a white circle through each level to its […]
  • Review: Gran Turismo Sport (10/18/2017) - Polyphony have always pushed the limits with graphics whichever generation of PlayStation they have used
  • Unbox: Newbies Adventure review – Nintendo Switch (10/17/2017) - Unbox: Newbies Adventure takes a unique concept of playing as a box, and opens it out in a way you might not expect. If someone handed you a game and said “the characters are all boxes” im positive you would be nonplussed by this idea. But giving sentience to inanimate objects is what videogames do best, and Unbox certainly fits […]
  • Review: White Noise 2 (ps4). (10/14/2017) - Asymmetrical action and horror games have been on the rise in recent years, with titles like Evolve, Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight released on Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles and several games on the Wii U offering asymmetrical action as well, such as Bowser Party mode in Mario Party 10.  With any emerging subgenre there are bound to be bumps […]
  • PlayStation VR – The Best of Year One. (10/13/2017) - A year ago today, Sony released PlayStation VR, a major gamble for a console publisher commonly known for giving up on its hardware peripherals – in fact if it weren’t for PSVR, my PlayStation Move controller would still be collecting dust with its nunchuck counterpart and my Wonderbook (remember that?).  Since then, over 100 games […]