Latest Reviews in the Entertainment Industry

Here are the latest reviews in the Entertainment Industry

  • Project Cars 2 compared to other Racing games (5/17/2018) - So, this game is billed as a 'Hyper-realistic driving game'? I think not!
  • REVIEW: Metropolis: Lux Obscura PS4 (3/23/2018) - I wanted to hate this game from the start.
  • Review: One-Eyed Kutkh for ps4. (3/22/2018) - So as a games reviewer, I’ve always taken into account the time, money, creativity and effort that go into making a video game.  A team of people ranging in size somewhere between one (Lone Survivor and Axiom Verge) to approximately 650 million (Arkham Knight, Dead Space 2) spend YEARS of their time coding and writing and creating […]
  • Review: Bleed 2 for ps4. (2/11/2018) - Like the game itself, I’m going to keep this review short but very sweet.  Bleed 2 is a fast-paced 2-D action title developed by Canadian game designer Ian Campbell, AKA Bootdisk Revolution.  In Bleed 2, just like its predecessor, you play as Wryn, the world’s greatest hero, as she fends off hordes of invading robots.  At first glance, it […]
  • Atari-style Nostaligia in the Far Future (1/24/2018) - Today is yesterday, with a new title from the Swedish developer Y/CJ/Y, “The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human.” While designed to be played on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the metroidvania-themed game is very reminiscent of Atari titles from 40 years ago with pixelated graphics and two-dimensional movement. The game starts with an […]
  • PS4 Review: Battlestar Galactica Deadlock (1/17/2018) - We take a look at the latest BattleStar Galactica Deadlock space strategy game by Slitherine Ltd.
  • App Review: Chernobyl: VR Project for PSVR. (1/15/2018) - Chernobyl: VR Project for PSVR is not a video game.  Let me say it again:  Chernobyl: VR Project is not a video game.  Please don’t labor under the delusion that when you fire it up, you’ll be getting trophies, solving puzzles or killing enormous irradiated two-headed bears.  Nope.  Fortunately, Chernobyl offers an altogether different experience for your headset.  Here’s the deal. […]
  • Review: Xenon Valkyrie+ for PS Vita. (1/10/2018) - So there are some genres of games I’m just not good at.  Have you ever seen me play the NBA games by 2k?  I set it on Very Easy and I still manage to lose.  And it’s not a close game.  Now, this is entirely my fault – there’s some kind of interface or fundamental […]
  • Review: Fallen: A2P Protocol for ps4. (1/1/2018) - Happy New Year’s, AIR readers!  I didn’t want to send 2017 off without one more review, and technically it’s still December 31st here on the East Coast of the USA so I’m just squeaking by.  Today I want to talk to you about Fallen: A2P Protocol for the ps4, released just two weeks ago (although a Steam/PC […]
  • Review: Son of Scoregasm for PS Vita. (12/10/2017) - Ever since the original Geometry Wars came packaged with Project Gotham Racing 2 in 2003, twin-stick shooters – branching out of classic arcade shooter games – has gained a lot of steam.  Housemarque continued to break boundaries in the arcade/twin-stick genre with their PlayStation 3 debut Super Stardust, wrapping the level around a planet, before experimenting more with level design […]
  • REVIEW: Chaos on Deponia PS4 (12/6/2017) - After years of waiting, Daedalic Entertainment have brought console users the joys of now being able to play a game which was initially released in 2012 on PC. The new release see’s the main character Rufus make his return. I personally havent played the original game release, but was ensured that I wouldnt need any knowledge of […]
  • Neverend PS4 Review (12/4/2017) - One of the hardest dungeon crawlers that had us addicted in progressing further
  • L.A. Noire PS4 Review (12/4/2017) - We took the leap of faith and dived right into this crime classic by RockStar Games
  • NEED FOR SPEED PAYBACK: PS4 Review (12/1/2017) - The latest NFS Payback is a hot contender for my best title in the series
  • CAT QUEST: PS4 Review (12/1/2017) - We really enjoyed this addictive, fun fantasy RPG filled with cats
  • Review: Tower 57 On Steam (11/29/2017) - Tower 57 by Pixwerk is a top-down shooter that takes a retro perspective with its 16-bit visuals. It takes the player to the nostalgic era of the 90’s with its simple cartoonish graphics, however, players can expect an intense shooting experience that is fun to play. The story takes place in a dystopian world, where […]
  • Silent Hill Requiem is with us at last! (11/28/2017) - Was it worth the wait for the fans?
  • Review: Slayaway Camp – Butcher’s Cut for PS4. (11/7/2017) - Blue Wizard Digital has just released the console version of their indie puzzle title Slayaway Camp on PlayStation 4.  Launched last October on Steam, the title has also been ported to iOS (February) and Android (June), but it now comes to Sony’s console in an expanded and very pretty edition as Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut.  AIR Entertainment […]
  • ASSASSINS CREED ORIGINS: PS4 In-Depth Review (11/1/2017) - We give the latest Assassins Creed a Perfect Score, and in this review you will see exactly why.
  • WUPPO: PS4 Review (11/1/2017) - We look at this rather creative 2d Platformer that had us playing for hours