We are fortunate to obtain codes for first impressions before games are released. Here are our latest previews.


  • First Impressions: Sigma Theory (pc). (11/15/2018) - Mi-Clos Studios recently provided me with a Steam code to get in on the private beta for their upcoming espionage title Sigma Theory.  Since it’s a work-in-progress, I’m not going to bother posting my laptop specs, because I don’t know what will still be added to the game upon its release and that would make my […]
  • PC Preview – Prismata (9/27/2018) - Prismata is a fun and challenging deckbuilding strategy game that many will love. Even though the game is still in Early Access, there is enough going on in this game to state that it is very nearly close to perfection.
  • Beta Test: Metal Gear Survive for ps4. (1/21/2018) - If you’re new to this whole Metal Gear Survive thing, let me catch you up. Few games in recent memory have caused as much uproar as Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Survive.  After the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills and Kojima Productions’ very public break with Konami, many gamers felt jilted by the publisher and their treatment of the […]
  • PC First Impression: QUAKE CHAMPIONS (10/19/2017) - We take a first early glimpse of the upcoming Quake Champions compliments of Bethesda UK
  • Tanzia – Steam Early Access Preview (10/14/2017) - Tanzia is an upcoming single-player open-world RPG created by Arcanity Inc.  The game revolves around a young member of the Akazi whose on a mission to find his missing grandfather and stop an old foe from causing chaos in their peaceful village. The game gives players the freedom to explore the world while completing objectives […]
  • First Impression: HEGIS GRASP On Steam (10/7/2017) -   Survival Horror, an old genre in gaming that was first seen in Alone in the Dark and was popularized by the iconic Resident Evil series. There is nothing more terrifying than controlling a character that is underpowered surrounded by monsters and other enemies that made this genre scary. Having limited resources and scrambling the […]
  • Game Preview – Skelattack (10/3/2017) - We take a look at the upcoming game Skelattack from Ukuza Studios. Will it be a bone dry bore or a frightful delight?