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Succession for Wizards and Witches Available in Black Desert SEA

The Succession update for Wizards and Witches is now available in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now gain powerful new skills while participating in special events that are running this week.

With the new Succession update, Adventurers can acquire Succession skills for Wizards and Witches to further level-up their respective classes. Adventurers can unlock these skills at level 56 by completing a series of associated quests. An in-game event will also be running until March 4 to commemorate the Succession update. Depending on the level they reach, those who reach levels between 56 and 60 can claim special rewards such as Extra Skill EXP Scrolls and Advice of Valks.

To continue the Valentine’s Day celebrations, Black Desert SEA will keep rewarding Adventurers with items such as Memory Fragments and Fine Accessory Box II until February 26 for completing special quests. During this time, Adventurers can also acquire Fantastic Honey Wine by combining “Sweet Concoctions” with “Beehives Filled with the Scent of Chocolate”. Both of these items can be collected through Challenges to make Fantastic Honey Wine, which will yield 12 times EXP points more than Sweet Honey Wine.

In addition, the donation event is still taking place this week and will last until February 19, where Adventurers can make in-game donations to support disaster victims in Australia and Turkey. Special tokens can be purchased with silver to make a contribution that will go towards relief efforts. Pearl Abyss will donate KRW 100 million (approx. 84K USD) when the number of tokens sold reaches 5 million in total.

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