Lightmatter PC review – Aperture science it ain’t

Lightmatter is a game developed by Tunnel Vision Games and published by Aspyr. One minute you’re part of the tour of the brand new energy facility, the next minute there’s an explosion, the facility is in ruins, oh and shadows will dissolve you in half a second. Luckily, you’re being helped by the facilities founder who teaches you how to use lamps, because you’re oh so stu...[Read More]

Control PS4 Review: Welcome back, Director.

Control is a third person sci-fi shooter developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 games. Control see’s you looking for your brother through the ‘Oldest house’ a strange otherworldly headquarters that never stops surprising you. Head inside to get acquainted with Control PS4 review. Story You take the role of Jesse Faden, a woman looking for her brother who was taken...[Read More]

Luckslinger PS4 review: Pixeled Golden Goodness

Luckslinger is a 2D side scrolling shooter developed by Duckbridge and published by 2Awesome Studios. You’re stoic, you’re efficient, and you’re damn good at your job. If that weren’t enough, you can literally make your own luck, so strap on your boots for our Luckslinger PS4 review. Story The story of luckslinger is simple; you’re a famous bounty hunter, after anybod...[Read More]

Resident Evil Series – Why The Periodic Gameplay Overhauls are Good for the Series

Background It’s an understatement to say that the identity of Resident Evils gameplay is fluid at best. The first three iterations, whilst progressively getting bigger in scope and more action oriented, stayed true to the original vision of fixed camera angles and item management being sources of dread, leading to tense decision making and nervous exploration when you couldn’t see what...[Read More]

Pumpkin Jack PS4 Review – The definitive Halloween experience

Pumpkin Jack is a platformer/hack and slash developed by Nicolas Meyssonier, and published by Headup Games. Imagine every piece of Halloween aesthetic you’ve ever experienced, throw them into a blender, and the smooth delicious essence you’ll be left with is Pumpkin Jack. Join us as we breakdown Pumpkin Jack – from the story to the gameplay, we have it all covered in our Pumpkin ...[Read More]

Monster Sanctuary PS4 Review – Gotta hatch ’em all

Monster Sanctuary is a turn based strategy RPG developed by Moi Rai games and published by Team17. Though it may share many similarities to other games, there’s a charm and style to Monster sanctuary all it’s own. Join us as we judge and score the game in our Monster Sanctuary PS4 Review! Story You play a young monster trainer, who is setting out into the big wide world to find wild mo...[Read More]

Review: Monster Energy Supercross 4 (PS4) – The bike strikes back

Monster Energy Supercross 4 is, as you’d expect, the fourth instalment in the Supercross series developed and published by Milestone SRL. Story You ride bikes. In stadiums. In races against other people with motorbikes. If you’re looking for the next complex narrative story in a game and you came to Monster Energy Supercross to scratch that itch, you probably shouldn’t be allowed...[Read More]

Review: Redout: Space Assault (PS4) – To boldly go where we’ve all been before.

Redout: Space Assault is a rail shooter developed by 34BigThings, and even though I’ve never played Star Fox it’s probably a lot more fun than this. Story The story of Redout: Space assault is a mess, both in presentation and content. All the story is delivered during your missions, meaning for the most part your attention is divided at best, and at worst you just don’t care beca...[Read More]

Review: Ys IX – Monstrum Nox – Prison break groundhog day

Ys IX – Monstrum Nox is the next entry in the long running Ys series, developed and published by Nihon Falcom and NIS America respectively. Even though this is the ninth mainline game in the franchise, as a newcomer to the series I felt immediately welcomed. Story The story starts rather abruptly, record scratch, freeze frame, you’re breaking out of jail (which you’ll do repeated...[Read More]

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