The Xbox One S: More Of An Ultra HD Blu-ray Player In Japan

The Xbox One S: More Of An Ultra HD Blu-ray Player In Japan


The Xbox One S is facing a major identity crisis in Japan as a giant retailer is positioning the console as more of an Ultra HD Blu-ray player than a gaming console.

The Bic Camera store is one of the largest electronic retailers in Japan. Photos are circulating on the internet by YouTuber Gajin Hunter showing how the store is marketing the gaming console.

A rough translation of the signage read “Super Cheap!!” and “Recommended Ultra HD Blu-ray Player.” The bottom part of the sign adds a side note, “If it is Xbox One S, you can also play video games.” Yes, it is as if the gaming aspect is an extra feature, rather than the feature the machine is made for in the first place.

As of this posting, the Xbox One S sold 63 units in Japan as of this week. Several buyers are posting photos showcasing the ability of the gaming console to stream UHD movies.

Here is one happy buyer claiming to have bought an Xbox One S to watch the hit anime Your Name.

Also, another one watching Tom Cruise after picking up the console to complement their new 4k television.

In a country where local console manufacturers such as Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Switch are dominant, Xbox One S has a hard time penetrating the gaming market. At least, the console is one of the cheapest Ultra Blu-ray players available in Japan, which could probably help boost its sales.

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