Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

Our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review takes a wrench to the Ultimate Games S.A. title released on 27 August 2020. It’s an educational simulation game where you repair and upgrade old tanks for clients. Launched on the Nintendo Switch, it’s perfect for gamers looking for their next sim game fix.

We’re growing rather fond of Ultimate Games S.A. titles. They’ve handed us a few games to review this year, including the likes of Wanking Simulator, Demolish and Build, and Fishing Adventure. These games are all on the Nintendo Switch, which we’re extremely happy about since we receive so few NS codes.

Will you enjoy working on tanks and repairing them? What gameplay features are there, and how difficult is it to play? Find out if the simulation game is worth buying in our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review.

Platform reviewed:NS
Release date:27 August 2020
Genre:Simulation Game, Education
File size1.6 GB
Publisher:Ultimate Games S.A.


Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

Our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review quite enjoyed the missions and objectives in this game. You own a tank museum, containing many artefacts from World War 2. In the beginning, you’ll receive orders via email, which the clients will transport to your works yard.

As the story progresses for this Tank Mechanic Simulator Review, you can ride in your offroad vehicle to locate and retrieve abandoned tanks. Some of them may be hidden, so you’ll need to whip out your metal detector to find them. Fix them up and put them on display in your museum for the ultimate thrill.

People will visit your museum from time to time to view your collection. You can climb in and start up the engines. In the end, it’s a magnificent take on a vehicle simulation game.

Of course, you’ll need to upgrade your garage with the money you make. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to perform specific functions. You can also upgrade your tools, allowing you to spray different colours and logos.


Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

For the gameplay section of our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review, there’s a few things to mention. Firstly, there’s a steep learning curve at the start of the game. We didn’t see any detailed tutorial except for telling us how to accept assignments and which buttons to press for specific functions.

You’re pretty much left on your own to work out the bulk of the features. There is a detailed guide in the game, though. Once we figured out how the basics worked, we had to learn more advanced techniques.

You need to access the vehicles inventory to see which parts to replace. You’ll buy new parts, but you’ll still make a profit if you don’t make mistakes like we did at the start. For our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review, we made a few.

That’s where the educational side of the game kicks in while working on the tanks. You can also spray parts to restore colour or you can remove rust. It’s a very calm game where you can take your time, fixing tank pieces at your leisure.

Riding around and finding new tanks is exciting. There’s a sense of pride for our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review that we could locate a few and restore them. It feels like a TV show on Netflix, building the tanks from rust to riches.


Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

The graphics aren’t superb, we found for our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review. Much like Demolish and Build 2018, it needs a bit of polish. When you’re close to the tanks, there’s a lot of detail that vanishes into the paint or resolution.

Playing it on the big screen only improves the visual content slightly. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. We enjoyed seeing the tank parts, and the inventory and upgrade panels hold tons of information for you to analyse.


Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

Being a tank mechanic can be lonely work. The sounds we mostly heard for our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review was when we fixed a few items, but there’s not much to be said for audio in the garage. Thankfully, there’s an old radio playing some music in the background.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Review: Final Verdict

Tank Mechanic Simulator Review

For our Tank Mechanic Simulator Review, we rather enjoyed this simulation game. The graphics and sound aren’t superb, but the story and gameplay elements make up for that. There are so many missions, items and things to do, you’ll be playing this game for quite some time.

We’re happy with the $17.99 price tag and feel that Tank Mechanic Simulator is worth buying if you’re into relaxing, repairing games that take time to master.

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Price: 17.99

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Nintendo Switch

Application Category: Game

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