PsyHotel Simulator brings dark comedy and thriller components to hotel management. The simulation game is set for release on PC and Console in Q1 of 2021. Watch the trailer here!

The One We Found takes us back to survival horror at its roots. It provides all the right atmosphere, especially sound, to terrify even the most veteran horror players.

P.A.M.E.L.A is a fantastic science fictions, post-apocalyptic game that sets all the right tones for a truly remarkable experience. The graphics and sounds really brings out that suspense and thrill of scavenging through a haunted town while trying to survive.

Mothergunship is a chaotic, fun, exhilarating bullet-hell first-person shooter that will give every gun-loving, firepower-hungry, alien-shooting gamer a massive ballistic orgasm.

Space Hulk: Tactics will not only be loved by 40,000 Warhammer fans, but by lovers of turn-based strategy and science fiction. It is an action-intensive glory that will test the best chess players in the world, to the point of frustration and eventual satisfaction. 

As as cheap game, it will definitely help you pass the time, but just isn't interesting enough to play more than a few times. 

Hegis' Grasp pulls off what so many so-called survival horror games have failed to do this year: it is truly terrifying and very unpredictable. 

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