The Beast Inside is an Indie, horror Survival game. It was developed by Illusion Ray Studios and is set back in the cold war. Is it worth buying? Find out in our The Beast Inside PC review! Remember the good, old days where scary was exactly that. Remember playing Alien Isolation or Outlast? A time where the sole purpose was to make you jump out of your skin, no subtleties, just out and out terror...

There's something so earie about an old Welsh hotel lost to time behind overgrown plantation. Horrors that await you beyond are what nightmare tales are made of

Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer take control with a deadly new monster and hazard.

A great horror relying on Thai Mythology awaits through the PSVR

Hundreds of FO76 players reported failed nuke attempts to Bethesda, wanting to know why their world-destroying weapon was taken away. 

The One We Found takes us back to survival horror at its roots. It provides all the right atmosphere, especially sound, to terrify even the most veteran horror players.

As as cheap game, it will definitely help you pass the time, but just isn't interesting enough to play more than a few times. 

Hegis' Grasp pulls off what so many so-called survival horror games have failed to do this year: it is truly terrifying and very unpredictable. 

In the middle of 2018, you’ve likely seen one of the dozens of reviews of Capcom’s 2017 terrorfest Resident Evil 7, so you should have a pretty good idea of how it went.  One of the original survival horror series, Resident Evil has been plagued in recent entries by increasingly convoluted storylines and forced co-op whose AI was about as intelligent as a sponge cake.  Resident Evil 7 ...

Review: Welcome to Hanwell (ps4).

Reviewer’s note: The second and third pictures below are saved screenshots of my gameplay experience in Welcome to Hanwell. They were uploaded from my ps4 to my Twitter then saved to my laptop via Windows 10 Snipping Tool and uploaded to AIR for this article. Any loss in fidelity or crispness of images is from the compression/decompression process and not a reflection of the game, which look...

We interview @EblematicGames about their upcoming #horror game, Seven

@saltygoal released brand new trailer for horror game, Hegis' Grasp

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